Quarantine Ramble

in #life2 years ago

Each second someone dies somewhere in the world, leaving behind a trail of tears. You do not react to it because you are no directly involved. Unless it is a cause you believe in, you do not move a finger. You may have a chat about it with your colleagues or friends, but no more than that. For the moment it is nothing but a conversation topic.

Though when the location of the scenario changes from far away to your door steps or you are given a role in the script, your reaction is totally different. That`s when reality hits you.

All those things that were happening to others, suddenly they take place in your neighbourhood. Seeing someone you know being affected by them, makes the whole situation real. You are in complete denial until the moment when one of your friends falls prey to it.

It feels like as if an author using an invisible ink adds some flesh to the story, to make it more believable.

When bad news come knocking on your door, you are first in shock. A big breath in and then you become focused. No more joking around, no stories or excuses. Time for action. Drastic times require drastic measures.

The adrenaline kicks in and you even take a back seat while switch to auto-pilot. Survival mode. A quick inventory of your pantry, whilst making a mental note of the supplies you will need.

You try to stay positive and not to turn into one of those doomsday preppers. You scribble on paper that mental list and head to the grocery store.

It does not take long until you realise that you are no alone in this situation. A quick glance around you and later on at the local news reassure you this is not a drill.

As death sweeps its victims throughout the province, you wonder how long would it take until people lose control and hell breaks loose.

You survived a revolution and suppose you can outlive a virus outbreak. What really gives you the chills are the people around you. Not because you risk of contracting the virus, but because you have witnessed what fear, panic and scarcity do to people.

A few days later in self-isolation offer a better picture of the whole puzzle. Hundreds of articles and headlines read on this virus and its origin leave you more sadder than you were.

There is no doubt that behind the curtains, some people make lots of money. How low have we decay??? From all the species on Earth, humans are by far the most dangerous.

More you read, more questions are raised in your mind.


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