Brain Training and ADHD: Helping Children to Focus

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One of the most rewarding experiences of my life was helping a young girl conquer her struggles at school. Her reading scores were well below average and she was beginning to fall behind. Her parents, concerned for their only child and desiring a better future for her, sought out a program to combat the diagnosis of ADHD.

Myah came to me at Learning Rx, and we quickly formed a bond. She was quiet at first but she worked hard. Her confidence grew over the 3 months that we spent together working on her weaknesses in attention, processing, and auditory processing. By the end of our time, Myah had increased her IQ by 18 points, her confidence was through the roof, and she was able to focus on her reading.

On average, children diagnosed with ADHD who sought help with Learning Rx scored in the 42nd percentile. This means that 58% of their peers scored higher than they did in the attention skills necessary to complete a task that they started. At the end of a training program, students' attention scores had improved to the 66th percentile.

A vicious cycle occurs in ADHD where a child being unable to focus can have trouble audibly processing their thoughts. This problem was noticable with Myah when I first met her. It was obvious that she was seeking the formation of her words as she listened to you but something was not clicking. If it was possible for smoke to be coming out of her ears it would have.

One exercise we practiced in each of our sessions together was forming the sounds of letters and words. We went through each letter of the alphabet and paid special attention to how our tongue acted and what our mouth was doing. By adding the beat of a metronome in the background, we coupled a challenge to the task at hand and it became a game for the two of us.

Auditory processing is massive for shool-age children for without out, their reading will suffer. On average, before children started with Learning Rx, their Auditory scores were in the 49th percentile - their scores after training were in the 72nd percentile.

I don't recall what Myah's reading scores were before or after our training together. All I know, is that the young girl I talked with after 3 months of hard work was not the same one I met on that first day.

There are still a lot of studies to be done and science to confirm with cognitive skills training. The immediate results for me are already in.


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Seeing that light bulb come on makes it worth it.

And as a coach you can relate - it is worth it.

Help kids learn is awesome. Its been 40 some years since I have seen some of my teachers, but I can remember them; both the good ones and even moreso the bad one!

It always amazes me how one person can make such an impact on us - a good or bad influence that is.

Thank you for sharing this outstanding information. ☆☆☆☆☆😎👀

You're welcome. :)

Changing kid's lives by investing in them. I love this!

It is an absolute blast! :)

BTW...I gave you a little shout out on my latest post @lydon.sipe.

I wondered where that mention came from, haha. Thank you @tlester, you are too kind. Steemit does start becoming fun when you find your people and earn a little money in the process.

i love brain exercises, i always exercise for focusing, following you, thanks.
please have a look my travel log as well

A friend of mine didn't find out he was ADHD until he was in his 50's

Hmm, that I have not heard before.