Funk you. Yes, my life is in a funk. I think the Texas summer heat has cooked my brain.

in life •  4 months ago

Hey Steemians, I hope the summer is treating you well. I don't really want you all to go funk yourselves. It's not fun being in a funk but life could be worse, I suppose.

I understand that some of you have high expectations for posts on Steemit and you will be sorely disappointed when you read or look at my mediocre "blog" and my lack of and/or low levels of any discernible talent or productivity.

To be fair, I do try to make good stuff occasionally and maybe you will be lucky enough to stumble onto it someday.

But today is NOT that day. hahaha :P

Best disregards..... (JK, or am I?) hehehe

Nate @lundgreenman


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Haha sometimes it’s nice to read something short and funny, so kudos to you! Hope it cheered you up!
We are freezing in my part of the world, I wish summer would come sooner!

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Thanks, it did cheer me up to write something silly. I have a cooked brain and you all have frozen brains? hehe



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First day of my vecation. Funkin it up for sure!


Congrats! Glad to hear you are funkin it up. What good is life if you can't funk it over in return sometimes? hehe