Importance of Passing Gift - Here's How It Can Change A Person's Life

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2 years back, I was passing through a town slum when I saw a 7 year old boy nicking fruits from the wet-market stand. I remember he was a skinny, faded boy, with large gray eyes and shaggy black hair that hadn't been cut in months. His clothes have been strangely clean and he wore a backpack on one shoulder.

"Hey kid, don't steal the fruits," I advised him, pulling him apart. "Earn them."

"I can't," he informed me sullenly. "Nobody hires me."

"Good then, set up your own business, hire yourself. What are you good at?"

"Mostly crafts and music."

"What type of crafts?" He shrugged and stated, "Whittling, carving, painting, a bit clay modeling, not much."

"Take this." I gave him twenty-dollar. "Purchase what you need, and promote what you're making. You can likely get your elements from a dollar store I know just a few blocks from here." I pointed it out to him and he went it.

Yesterday, I went again through that slum, to visit a friend of mine who lives on the other side of it. I found him, I noticed a charming and cute 9-year-old playing 'Fur Elise' on a worn out keyboard with a stand behind him, completely filled and packed with beautiful carvings, wood models, and clay knickknacks.

He was having some audience that was tossing pennies at him. I recognised my friend I was visiting. "Hey Bella!" I said. She looked at me and smiled, pointing on the boy. "The music he plays is wonderful. He says the keyboard was salvaged from his house, and a stranger gave him a twenty once."

That boy noticed me, and called everybody's attention. "That's the guy who gave me twenty dollars and a valuable advice 2 years ago. Without him, I'd be sticking to picking pockets and hating myself each and everyday."
He shook my hand and said to me, "By the way, my name's Zach. Thank you."

As I shook his hand, I almost cried right then and there.

A small gift by you can change someone's life completely.
Keep helping others who are in need.

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Your story is truly inspiring. I truly believe that if we have that one person who will truly believe in you, you could do anything. Never ever look down on someone, all they need is a little kick that can change their lives ;)


Exactly what I wanna say. A little help and kick from us can change a person's life.


I know. Make the most out of life :)