Best Tips To Live Life Like A Millionaire: 10 Amazing Life Changing Lessons To Learn From The Law Of Attraction

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Hey Steemians!

Today I'll be talking about a phenomena called The Law of Attraction. It's very much related to be a positive thinker.

Whether you believe or not in the power of the universe, scientific research proves the effects of positive thinking.

Scroll and read these 10 most valuable Law of Attraction lessons that could change your life for good. And don’t forget, The Universe is always working for us.
So make sure it works in favor and not against us.

10. Your thoughts attracts good or bad experiences


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The one who always speaks about failure, suffers from failure. The one who always speaks about winning, always wins the big one in the end.

Yes, you attract all of it. When we focus on something we make it happen.

9. We are inviting something by thinking about it, even if we don’t want to


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When we think about something which we want, the law of attraction makes that thought grow larger and makes it even more powerful.

Instead of thinking “I will not fail in my exams!”, think of “I will pass my exams with great marks!”

Keeping your thoughts positive is very important.

8. Good thing can come in your life more quickly by thinking about them more


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You want a car. But you don’t have enough money right now. But what you have is a strong desire. Then make a strong note in your mind that soon you’ll by a car. Make it more visible in your mind. Like which car you want. What is the color of it.

So, if you desire of buying an expensive car let’s say an Audi. Than always think more and more about it. Keep saying to yourself with the picture of an Audi completely visible in your mind.

Keep saying to yourself, “Soon I’ll have a white color Audi A8. I’ll be riding my own car and taking my family to a trip.” This will attract positivity.

And you’ll work even harder in your life to get what you want. And eventually you’ll get it. The Law of Attraction never fails in this.

The “Want” and “desire” consist of us wanting to focus all our attention to a specific subject, and at the same time experiencing positive emotion about it.” Doing so will make that subject come more quickly into your life and will turn into reality.

7.Our FOCUS makes it more powerful


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The more we focus on something, the more powerful it becomes.

This allows to create our own reality by attracting the experiences we want to have. In our life, bad things come in our life because we probably bought them by worrying about them all the time.

This was described in the book “The Secret”.

Take an example, you are going for an interview all prepared, but keep on saying to yourself “This one is tough, I’ll not be able to clear this interview.” Or “I’ll won’t get the job, I don’t think I deserve it”.

So, what do you think will happen when these thoughts become powerful, eventually you’ll be rejected.

You’ll fall hard. Why? Because you bought this into your life. If you have focused more on winning and thinking it like “I am the best candidate out there.” Or “Next time I’ll come here, I’ll be coming here as an employer. I’ll get the job.”

Having this kind of mindset can make the law of attraction work for you.

6. Always listen to your intuitions


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Instead of over thinking your decisions, it’s better to trust your emotions. Whatever you think is right, let your intuitions, your emotions take you to the right step.

Listening to your intuitions will result in a more successful and satisfying life. The law of Attraction is always there for you if you use it wisely.

5.Show Gratitude


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You are reading this post, because you are safe and well. Not all the people have this luxury. Many people take their world for granted. So, it’s really a good gesture to take some time out and to show that we are grateful for the world we have. If we give some back to the world, the world will always give you more the next time.

4.Use Dreams as a guide


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The Secret book says, Dreams might provide some insight into the psyche, but you’re not in the process of “creating” while you’re asleep. Use your dreams as a powerful weapon and instead of just dreaming, wake up and work for it.

Think of it like how it feels, when your eyes are closed and you’re dreaming yourself as a powerful rich person. A rich person who is having all the happiness in life.

Now think of it like seeing those things with your eyes closed is making you feel so good, then how good it could be if all of this could happen with you with your eyes open.

3.Don’t tell people about your success before it is completed, let success make the noise


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This is one strange thing about the Law of Attraction. I have suffered from this before. This might even have happened with you too.

Let’s say, you had a goal to make success in online marketing. All of your work was going good. Your earning has been amazing until you start telling people about it. You told about this to some of your friends, colleagues, relatives etc. and overnight all of your earning stopped. This could have happened to a lot of people.

The reason?

When you have a desire to work, you work toward it and keep working on it until it is achieved.
When you are in the middle of your work and keep telling people about the current success, what your mind has decided is that you have reached your goal. What happens next? Your energy, your desire to work all disappears.

I bet you have never seen a very famous or rich celebrity boasting about how rich he is. Because they know they don’t need to keep talking about their success to anyone.

So, as it is said – “Work hard in silence, let your success make the noise!”

2.The Magic of Yes


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It’s simple. All you have to do is say YES to love.

You have to say Yes to the money you want. Say Yes to the relationship you want. Feel confident about yourself that you are worth saying Yes to anything you want. The law of Attraction will bring that thing to you.

If you are saying No to any of your desires, you’re saying Yes to the things that you don’t want.

Always start your day by saying Yes to yourself. That, “Yes you’ll complete this task today.” Or “Yes, I’ll be working out for 2 hours in gym today.” Feel confident and see the law of attraction magic for you.

Here comes the most important

1.The Law of Attraction wants you to “Feel the Success”


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Let me tell you, this might be the most powerful lesson we can learn for the Law of Attraction. In the book “Wishes Fulfilled” by Wayne Dyer he makes it very clear that last 5-10 minutes before we go to bed are the most important time of our entire day.

Why so? Because when we are about to sleep, whatever we think of in that time will soak in your subconscious mind for the next 4 hours.

So, here’s what you have to do. This will really help you gain confidence and can make your desire even more stronger.

Right before bed, close your eyes and visualize + feel what you want to manifest. You have to feel it from the perspective that you already have it. Just feel the joy and the excitement of having everything that you want from your life.

Take an example,

You are born in a middleclass family having lots of dreams. You want so many things from your life that you are not having right now. Let’s suppose you want to own a big apartment for yourself and for your family.

Just keep your eyes closed and feel that you are already in front of your dream house with your family. See the joy in your family’s eyes. How proud they are because of you. Just feel your dream home, explore it. Feel the happiness. Feel and visualize a brand new car parked in front of your apartment.

You have to be very clear of what you want. Now visualize that you are driving your new car. Put your hands on the steering. Yes, everybody’s sleeping, act like you have your hands on your new car’s steering.

Now shift up the gear and drive your Mercedes or BMW or Audi or whichever car you want.

Remember the more vivid you see and feel it, the more influence this technique will have on you.

This technique is highly beneficial if we do it every night and eventually make it a habit. I do this every time. So, I can say this could be very beneficial for you.

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