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Today I visited one of my local watering holes known as Bad Beat Brewery. They released a new beer today and it was nothing short of fantastic. They call it their Coffee & Cream Ale. It’s a bourbon barrel aged imperial ale with vanilla, oak, bourbon and coffee flavors. To me it was like drinking a 9% cream soda. It was majestic. I recommend it to all.



I'm thirsty all of sudden...let me have a glass too

If you ever find yourself in Vegas, I highly recommend checking them out.

Sounds delicious @lumberhawk.
I would give it a try immediately :)

Hi! I am not a beer drinker @lumberhawk but i would sure try this one:)!

Good one

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Thanks! I’ll try to remember this in the future!!

That sounds like a great beer! Where is that brewery located?

Suburbs of Vegas. If you’re ever in town and want to get away from all the lights and noise (and high prices) of the strip, I highly recommend it. 😁 🍻

Sounds good thanks