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True story...

This is not my wife, just a photo from Reddit here

So I am sitting on the couch a couple days ago on my day off playing some Madden. I notice beside me there is an inside out T-shirt and sweater. They were within each other as if they were worn and taken off together, being turned inside out in the process. I didn't think much of it at the time. I knew it wasn't mine, but I had a party over the weekend and anyone could have left it there. Also my wife leaves shit laying around the house all the time.

A few hours after this my buddy (and boss) sends me a text asking if he left his sweater at my place. So I checked and sure enough it was. I took the clothes there and turned them right side in and seperated them so I could take a picture to send to him, but when I did I noticed it was MY T-shirt. At this point I was thoroughly confused.

I was quite confident that I had not worn his sweater. I was also fairly confident that he was not wearing one of my T-shirts. I was also fairly confident that we did not have identical T-shirts. There are not a whole lot of people with worn out 2004 New England Patriots AFC championship T-shirts out there, and this guy is not a Pat's fan.

My wife loves wearing my clothes when I am not home, especially my dirty clothes. She says she likes how I smell, and I guess its her way of loving me from afar. To me, its some crazy hair pie shit, but what can I do. Happy wife happy life, right? So she has my T-shirt from upstairs plus finds my buddy's sweater and assumes its mine and boom... a click bait title is born.





...Zips pants back up.

This most get me thinking negatively

😂😂😂 Oops!