10 things I'd rather do...🤔🤔🤔

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Hey friends, I want to share what I would rather do...

1-) I'd rather look at the present than look at the past.

2-) I'd rather Invest than save.

3-) I'd rather have a strong brain than a fake body.

4-) I'd rather have written goals than a wishful thinking.

5-) I'd rather believe in God than visit a church.

6-) I'd rather watch what I eat than have a diet.

7-) I'd rather burn a candle in silence than cry aloud.

8-) I'd rather focused on myself than what other people think about me.

9-) I'd rather observe quiet than criticize.

10-) I'd rather live my life than gossip about other's.

What about you?

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I'd rather not over think too much.

I agree with you!

Great desire, I am very happy to see people who have this way of thinking. I wish you were here I want to ask you, Allow me to be friends with you. Having a friend who has a way of thinking like you is a pride for me Karna I am sure People like you can make other people more advanced. Today I want to thank steemit and esTEm. Because of this steemit I can find someone like you @lulita. Let me follow you and if you want Follow me please. I'll be happy to follow your latest posts. Received @lulita

Thank you. It's good to find like minded people.
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