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The creation of the Museum is connected with the organization in 1964 by the Kraków Aero Club of the Great Air Show at the former Rakowice-Czyżyny airport. Therefore, to Krakow from 1963, aerial exhibits began to be transported, which were earlier, from the end of hostilities, collected for the future museum of aviation. With his organization after the end of the Second World War there were great problems due to the small interest in this subject of the relevant authorities. It was only the conditions created for these collections in Krakow that made this project possible.




Some of the facilities of the former airport are currently used by the Museum. It occupies the remaining Polish airport facilities, which include a large aircraft hangar and garage and storage facilities, built at the turn of the 20's and 30's, as well as two small buildings built by the Germans during the last war.










#Supermarine Spitfire - British, single-seat fighter built at Supermarine in Southampton, England. One of the most famous combat aircraft used during World War II, on which Poles also fought.





Mirosław Hermaszewski (born on September 15, 1941 in Lipniki) - aviator and astronaut, brigadier general of the Polish Army. The first and the only Pole in the history to date who made a flight into space [1]. Member of the Military Council of National Salvation (1981-1983), commander of the Higher Officers Aviation School in Dęblin (1987-1990), Deputy Commander of Air Forces and Air Defense (1991-1992), head of flight safety WLiOP (1992-1995), since 1995 inspector for the Air Force in the General Staff of the Polish Army. Currently retired.

In the years 1983-1989 president of the Polish Astronautical Society, in the years 1998-2000 chairman of the National Aviation Council [2] [3]. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the Association of Cosmonauts and World Astronauts, a member of the Medal Chapter of the Academy of Polish Success. From 1979, he was a member of the Space and Satellite Research Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Founder and active member of the International Association of Space Participants.

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