Christmas customs around the world

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Whether we call him Santa Claus, Pere Noel or Christindl, this enchanting character is one of the distinctive signs of multiculturalism. Maybe in order to appreciate more Christmas, we offer you a pleasant reading of many Christmas traditions and customs in different parts of the globe, with the mention that in the personal development process we can easily include the lesson below the general culture:
Christmas in Japan
Although only 1% of Japanese believe in the existence of Jesus Christ, almost everyone celebrates Christmas. Also, the gifts are part of Japanese rituals. In their culture, there is talk of the existence of a Buddhist monk coming to each family to bring presents to children. Some people think he has eyes on his back, so all children have to be good around him. Unlike our tradition in which Christmas is usually spent in the family, it is not so for the Japanese. They spend this holiday helping others, especially those in hospitals.

Christmas in India
Indians decorate trees like banana or mango. They also light Christmas lamps and decorate their red churches. Give gifts to family members and light lamps they hang on top of their home roofs.

Christmas in Australia
If we can enjoy the gift of snow, in Australia Christmas is always very warm. The warm weather allows Australians to enjoy the continuation of a tradition that began in 1937, which is called the Candlelight Carols. On Christmas Eve, thousands of people gather in downtown Melbourne to play their favorite Christmas carols. The night is lit by thousands of candles under the open sky. In the Australian on the beach, Santa comes on a surfboard
Christmas in Egypt
In Egypt, Christmas is celebrated on January 7th. On the eve of Christmas, the Egyptians go to church wearing new clothes. The Christmas service ends at midnight, with the sound of the bells of the church. Then people go home to eat the traditional Christmas meal called the girl, made of bread, garlic, rice and boiled meat.

Christmas in China
Children decorate fir trees with colored ornaments. These ornaments are generally made of paper, taking the form of flowers, lanterns and chains. Also, hang muslin socks for Mosul to offer his gifts. Unorthodox Chinese people call Christmas Spring Festival and celebrate through a series of traditions in the memory of ancestors as well as through various dishes. As in other areas, children are the main characters of this holiday.

Christmas in the Netherlands
In the Netherlands, holidays begin much earlier, with Nicholas making his appearance since November with his help, Black Peter. It is said that the two spend the whole year thinking about the gifts to be made to the children and noting in a book the behavior of each one. Christmas Day is full of specific activities and other areas: going to the church, reading stories, singing carols.

Christmas in Russia
In Russia, the name of the character that brings Christmas presents is Babushka. This means "grandmother", and the legend says she refused to go see Jesus with the three magicians because of the mournful weather. Finally, he regretted that he had not gone, so he decided to fill his basket with many gifts and meet the Savior. It is said that she did not find Jesus and hoping to find him, go to every house and give gifts to the children.

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