We're very bad when we could be better.

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I spend my days travelling between uncertainties and thoughts that come and go from my head minute after minute, but what I most resort to visiting is this thought that is based on that popular adage: it is easier to see the straw in someone else's eye than the beam in one's own eye.

This is a reality that we can extrapolate not only to a country reality but to our personal reality, which is the one that interests me the most, both for me and for you that you can be reading this, because it is easier to change our personal reality than the reality of the collective.

I'm sure I'm not the only one facing a diversity of problems that is as overwhelming as the "sea of garbage" located between Guatemala and Honduras. These problems are found in all areas of our lives, existential dilemmas, problems with the couple, family problems, circumstances that affect us -especially if you are Venezuelan- such as lack of money, difficulty in obtaining food, medicine, and the list can be endless.

Many of these circumstances generate various emotions for us, and since I mention them here I think it is important to leave you with a periodic table of emotions.



There are a lot of emotions apart from what would be basic emotions as we can see, but we are going to stop to review some of the ones that can appear when we have a problem.

Deception, pessimism, sadness and fear.

Let's start talking about one of the most important - for me - and the ones we have to be very aware of when it comes to us.


I don't think fear is what we've been told about him. I'm sure you've ever heard or been told "don't be afraid" and I can't disagree with that phrase any more. It's not that you're not afraid, fear is necessary, because it alerts us to possible dangers to our physical or psychological integrity, so the worst thing we can do is deny it. But at the same time that fear can stop us it can also drive us when we know how to handle it and we achieve this when we are aware that fear exists and we decipher it completely. For example, when you are afraid of being unproductive, instead of paralyzing yourself and watching television, become aware of your fear, and give yourself the opportunity to show yourself that you can be productive by mapping out small tasks and accomplishing them.

And so it is with sadness and other emotions. It is very important to live them in a conscious way to be able to work with them instead of letting them take us away from what we want.

The answer to all these problems that we have will always be in us

This popular adage that you only see the straw in someone else's eye and not in the beam of your own, comes because we have the tradition of scrutinizing in someone else's life all the problems and extracting them one by one but we are incapable of reviewing what is happening inside of us.

It's easier to blame someone who has more economic possibilities for my financial reality than to take charge of my own results.

It is easier to be the victim than to face the problem and assume my responsibility in the matter.

It is easier to talk about the other is a bad citizen because for his car on the cross line when the light is red but is who as a pedestrian crosses when and where he wants.

Really if it is easier, look at another because it is less threatening, but looking outward can never make a change in your reality, while looking inward is not going to change the collective reality, but your life will be completely different, and what you saw now you will see in another way.

It doesn't matter that the outside world doesn't change, if I change, everything will be different.


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