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Hello Dear Readers

Today I wanted to write this post, because I feel that more and more society is teaching us to judge and has been doing a daily practice. Every day more people join this practice where they take the audacity to judge the actions of another person. In my case I have had to live many more situations than I am going to relate in this writing, and I can say with all certainty, that I give faith to know perfectly how it feels to be judged by someone else.

I began to live this frequently once I became a mother, either because of my adolescent appearance, my youth that might make me look like I don't know what I'm doing, or my lack of time to dedicate to myself... this post tries to make us realize how harmful this practice can be where we destroy someone with our words. Let's be aware of our power, and let's always use it to build wonderful things like drawing a smile on someone else's face.


When you see a mother

When you see a mother with disheveled hair, don't look down on her, offer to help her with whatever she needs.

When you see a mother with a few extra kilos, don't tell her how tight her clothes are, invite her for a walk in the park.

When you see a mother dealing with her little one's tantrum, don't look at her indignantly, look at her tenderly and offer your help if you think it's appropriate.

When you see a mother breastfeeding her baby, don't ask her to cover up- You could congratulate her on her work, on those non-stop hours stuck to the baby or the breast pump.

When you see a mom who dresses uncoordinated, don't criticize her, take the time to talk to her and find out why she's been careless now.

When you see a mother who takes the time to take time for herself, don't start reminding her of all her duties. Appreciate it for taking the time to know that it will have a positive impact on your child.

When you see a mother who looks tired, don't tell her how tired you think she might be. Offer her a cup of coffee and a hug for her effort.

When you see a mother making up games for her little one or playing as if she were also a child, don't tell an ugly person that she is trying too hard as if it were something bad. Take her example because you might be surprised how you feel.

When you see a mom cut her hair too short, don't tell her your appreciation of how it looks. Smile at her and say that you noticed her change, and be glad that she will now be able to wash her hair more often.

When you see a mom declining invitations to go out, ask her if you can go to her house and help her in whatever way you can to relieve her work.

When you see a mother going alone with her child, don't criticize her for being single. Smile at her for her bravery in moving forward.

In short, when you see someone in any situation, don't judge them. If you really want to provide a solution, offer your help, your listening, your support.

Remembering that the feeling of being judged is not pleasant and by giving what you want to receive you become the change you want to see in others.

I hope you liked these lines and above all you have understood the message and become more aware of it from now on. Thank you for visiting my blog once again and I hope to find you in a future post.

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