Take em, or Leave em....

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I have this friend, he is what people would call "Bestie" nowadays, but our friendship surpasses that of even brothers, so I just tell anyone who doesn't know and can't figure it out, that he's my brother.

He is everything, from caring and loving, and sweet, to bitchy, and annoying, and vengeful, when he wants to be. I don't even know which of the range of traits he shows more, all I know is, on most days, I just want to bash his head on a wall, and I tell him that, I don't know if he knows that I mean it. But I can't imagine my life without him in it.

Amongst all his annoying traits, there's one that brings me to my knees. He doesn't call, doesn't text, and if he misses my call, doesn't call back. Now, this gets bad, during times of an emergency, or in travel cases, or in my case, every time. You know when a friend who you spend almost every hour in a day with, is away from you, and you miss him/her, but you're left to wonder if they actually miss you. Yeah, that's it. But he does miss me, the SOB just can't pick up the phone and call me, or even text on WhatsApp.

There are days when he'll need to make a trip somewhere, and leave me wondering if he actually got to his destination, or got himself lost somewhere else, and then when I call, as expected, he doesn't answer, or reply a text. That in itself, heightens the anxiety, and When I get to talk to him, I get a flimsy excuse, or none at all.

We've talked about it, I've begged, cried, threatened to end the friendship, but he doesn't so much as make a move to change. In time, I realized that, I can't change him. It's a package deal, he comes with his good, and his bad, and his ugly, but I'd stand by him anywhere, any day.

The point is, your friends are who they are, and there's nothing in the world you can do about that. You gotta take em, or leave em. Trying to change them, just to fit your wants and needs, would be selfish, so you gotta love their sweetness, as much as their madness. Like my friend, their fault is probably the flipside of what you love about them, in any case they come as a package. There is no rule book on friendship, that says friends have to behave in a particular way, so don't go thinking that your friends ought to do this or that, they have the right to be themselves, and you have the right to choose if that's someone you wanna be friends with.


Here's to all the annoying friends out there, Friends make life interesting.

One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and be understood. - Anonymous

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Yeah... We should all learn to identify what we can change and not spend luxrious time trying to change what can't be.

Thanks for reading. Do you post often?