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Deep inside we hold a part of ourselves that seldom gets released, this feeling can bottle up and leave you lost and bewildered. Everyday is the same and nothing seems to change, your luck cant get any worse is the common phrase for these feelings. Thoughts of peace try to over come the cloudiness and your mind attempts to forget the bad days and memories alike. Still you hold onto the troubled past and refuse to completely let go, can there be an ending to everything wrong in your life. Maybe not, but there is a sense of peace found in simple Serenity finding yourself and blocking all the negative energy with positive thoughts.

What is Serenity

Defined - Serenity is the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.

It can be used to find ones center and realign their inner self, some find this through quiet and Meditation and use it to Erase the bad thoughts built up in their minds. Not releasing this Bottled up Anger and Emotion can actually cause serious harm to your body and can also end in a Mental Breakdown. How did I learn this, well it is easy really, all through my childhood I was disciplined through Martial Arts. During my Childhood I took Tae Kwon Do for many years and through this I learned Respect and Discipline, not only for others but myself as well. Older in age I decided to continue my training and found a Style called Shorin Ryu, this style helped to teach me Meditation and inner peace. Shorin Ryu was a style taught by the Monks to the Emperor of Japan's guards. This style taught me the true meaning of Serenity.

If you are still wondering what Shorin Ryu is, here is a link that will explain it a little more.

Conclusion is easy, if you find your Serenity you Find yourself

Live Happy and Stress Free my friends

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