Analysis of the wolf of Code

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Recently I came across a material that is called the CODE OF THE WOLF, I found very interesting and relevant to be shared with all steemians who have the pleasure of reading me.

Although we think of the wolf as a simple and vulgar animal, the behavior they generate within the herd has attracted a lot of attention for its wisdom and its discipline in how to lead a diversified group of individuals, we can emphasize some circumstances in solitary wolves crossing a large amount of territory however, despite this behavior they always return to the herd in a disciplined manner.

The way in which your society is structured shows us how clean and organized these animals are so these codes that we will describe below can be applied calmly to our society.

As in a point we are talking about humans and to understand a little better what I want to refer, I will allow me to humanize the conduct and behavior of these animals to put in a social context the o wolf codes, that is why I want bring these simple steps to take them into consideration and certainly change our lives:

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1- Protect your Family:

Love and respect over the herd are non-negotiable principles. Which is why it is the first and most important code. Responsibility must be the fundamental pillar to turn obstacles into opportunities and thus empower your life.


2- Honor the elderly and teaches the youngest

Much of what we are is due to the education received by the most long-lived, so the recognition of experience is the second element of this code, therefore it has a significant value have the elderly as a guide since they They already lived what you are about to live, learn from them and above all, instilling this knowledge to the generation that comes after you is a tribute to all their teachings.

3- Faithfulness and Teamwork

Self love and family love play a crucial role in this third element, always give 100% of you do not ever regulate, be faithful to what your instinct tells you even when in the decisions comets mistakes, only wisdom and learning remain in the time.

The individual actions are good, however, working in a collective system elevates you to success, do not pay attention to the competition of this increasingly corrupt society, Remember "In union there is strength".


4- Express your opinion and keep your position

The fourth point, we consider the power of the word as a primordial element in any society, listen wisely and express yourself freely, the debate of ideas makes the group stronger but above all, keep your firmness when you believe in the just cause and assume responsibly when you see that you have made a mistake.

5- Play while you can

Life is short, take advantage of every moment and never stop playing and dreaming, the fifth code explains that we should not take everything to heart and that despite the seriousness of life after all this ends up being a game where the winner will be the who knows best live it, be free and do not cling to material or human things.

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6- Leave your mark

And last but not least is that despite the fact that we must follow great people so that with their teaching they motivate us in the long journey of life, it is our duty to work our own way to leave that indelible mark that serves as a guide, as an example, our body may die and be turned into dust, but our ideas endure over time and will never be erased.

After having developed all the steps I can refer to the wolf as an animal that lives in community which fights for its family and the herd, an example that we must take when developing our life in society.


Analyzed by: Luis Gerardo Sanchez

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