Today is my 53rd Birthday! In Celebration I'm Giving My Expert Tarot Readings at Half Price

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Looking and feeling better than ever, today I turn 53.
Because I feel so great and am enjoying my life so much I am offering my tarot readings at half price.

That's right!

My 15 minute/7 card reading is only $10.00 instead of the usual $20.00.

I do NOT do Fortune Telling!

The readings I give will:

Validate and clarify your present situation
show you the tools you need to acquire, develop or the cards will show
you that you already have what you need to
create the future you desire.

Click HERE to learn more about my tarot background and why you want a reading from me.

How to receive your reading:

  1. Email me: [email protected] I will respond within 30 minutes.
  2. Facebook message me Love On Parker.
  3. Whatsapp 52 1 55 6534 7971
  4. Come to the Sugar and Spice Coffeeshop in Boquete, Panama today before 5PM.
    To pay, I will send you an email bill that will give you a variety of options to pay online.
    I also accept Steem Dollars.

    All monies earned will go toward the funds for the Kuna Love
    project in the San Blas Islands of Panama.

    Kuna Love is the official new name for our project in

    the Guna Yala reservation of the Kuna people.


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Hey STEEMIT! How about bumping up my Reputation score from the 58 to 68 as a little BDay gift...or somewhere in between would be fine? I've been attached to 58 for a ridiculously long period of time.

Happy birthday @loveon

Thank you very much! Feeling inspired today. Looking forward to a great 53rd year.

All the best. Hope all your wishes come true.

Happy Birthday @loveon . My birthday was in 18 september


Grateful for the support and well wishes. Happy belated Bday to you!

I hope I am as beautiful as you when I reach that lovely age.

If you keep cooking all that amazing stuff it could happen.

I often hear from the younger crowd that they aspire to be like me when they're my age. A very nice compliment.

Thanks for stopping by and supporting me.

Happy Birthday!

Awww thanks so much. Life is beautiful!