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   Take Care of the Tree

The quality of a the Tree affects
The quality of the fruits
The health of the mother affects
The health of the child.

*Huwag magkumpyansa sa sariling
galing at lakas

  • Dahil ang mga ito ay may wagas
  • Pag mas maraming bunga
    qaa mas maraming bunga ang kailangan
    *Kawawa ang mga bunga kng ang puno
    ay nabuwal na.
    This lesson I've learned last sunday and I want to share it .Tree we also refers to ourself.How do we take the of the tree or ouselves?The wise person know how to take care of herself/himself and to others. Through God's word and counsel we became a good tree and we know how to care ourselves that we can able to produce a good fruits like our attitude,the way talk,the way to response the problem ,how to deal the rude people and many others..IMG_9340.JPG
    We choose the Good source
    The counsel and advices we listen
    The role model and pattern of our life
    The behavior and habits we cultivate day by day.Our choices has corresponding Consequences. # Be wise.
    Only God change us into His likeness and its our own choice to submit and fully surrender ouself to Him.Abide in God word we can find hoy,delight ,excitement ,pleasure in it.
    How's your tree?(self)?Are you taking Care of it?Giving in the proper care to prosper in Life. We can only give to our family ,our friends ,our relatives ,our nieghbors what we have.So if cultivate love over hate we can give more love too.,we cultivate humbleness thats we always give it too,gentleness,patience,umderstanding,caring,peaceful heart,soo be careful to take care your tree soo its produce good fruits too...
    *Healthy Tree,
    *Healthy Fruits
    So uf you really care....
    Take C.A.R.E
    Thank you to everyone and to my @steemians family @surpassinggoogle and to those who always support someone,God bless..Mabuhay tayong lahat.IMG_8792.JPG
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