We Need To Find Balance In Our Work Life To Live A Better Life.

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My favourite comic superheroes are The Batman and The Ironman. I believe that they must be ideal superheroes of most of you too.

The things that I like about them is that they are genius, they are witty, elegant and they beat the shit out of the villains.

But one thing that I love about them is how they balance their work and superhero life.

It will not be that much fun if they were fighting with the villains throughout the movie. And it will be boring if the movie was only about a billionaire stud enjoying his life.

It is because of this balance in life that I adore them more than any other superhero.

I believe that we can be superheroes too if we can find balance in our work and routine life.

There are two kinds of people that you will normally see.

1. The Workaholics.

The first one are the workaholics. The only thing they want to do is to spend more and more time doing their work.

They get so much obsessed with their work that they cut off their ties from everything else.

Mostly, this kind of people are alone. They rarely have family or friends.

They spend so much time in their work because of one of the two reasons:

1. They love their work more than anything else, and they have drowned themselves in it.

2. They want to earn a lot of money.

There is no surprise that most of these people have strained relationships with their children, and they are divorced.

Whatever the motive is, who wants to die alone without a loved one caring for in their last breaths?

2. I Can't-Do This Because....

The second type of people are full of excuses.

They find excuses for not doing any work. They don't like their jobs because it doesn't pay well, or their boss doesn't like them or a thousand other excuses to support their urge for not doing any work.

These kinds of people not only make excuses in their work life but in their routine life as well.

They don't go to the gym because they are too tired. They do things at the last moment because something always comes up, there is enough time to do it. The truth is that they are too lazy to do anything.

They don't live a good life. They live under stress and despair because nothing is right in their life. These are the people who are always frustrated, and you can see them honking in the traffic jams, or arguing with someone in the supermarket.

They are always ready to fight, to spit out their frustration on others.

3. The Balanced Superheroes In Real Life.

The third kind of people are the rare but real gems, and they are the happiest people in the world.

They are the ones who find balance in their work and routine life. They are the ones who are contented with what they have. But they don't want to stop there, they want to have gradual success in their life.

As soon as we find balance in our work, we can focus more on living a better life.

Because if the work is satisfying, we can focus on our relationships, our health and enjoy everything else in our life.

Always remember that a balanced life is the happiest life.


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The rat wheel of work keeps us all busier than we'd like to be fueled by thoughts of things we think we need. If only people would just stop and step off from time to time they'd find it wasn't so hard to begin with. Work to live right? Not live to work.


Yeah, work to live not live to work. That's how an ordinary person lives an extraordinary life.

But for some work is life, and they pay for it later. Some regret it, some don't.

@looftee.. You're right ... in my case I was one of the people who focused my work a lot. I spent a lot of time traveling and neglecting my first wife since I did not spend much time with her and because of my work my relationship ended ... The good thing about everything that happens is that one learns from his mistakes ... now I have a new wife and live a happy and balanced life, as you say ... now I separate the work of personal life ...


I am happy that you have found happiness now and you are managing both the important parts of life separately and equally.

Keep going on like this.