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Things Can Always Get Better If...

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How limited your life becomes if you feel trapped in every situation you face.

And how wonderful your life becomes if you can control any situation and its results?

What will happen if you can do whatever you want, without any fear?

A deaf and mute kid was born to a person who lived his life with powerful beliefs.

He didn't complain that destiny was against him or his son. He never said that he could not do anything about such a natural and biological thing.

He was no god, but he believed in himself and believed that every situation could have better results if he can think from a different perspective.

So, he made a mighty decision that his son will live an extraordinary life, without being dependent on anyone.

He trained his son to think in this way from his childhood. To turn every situation on his side, he made him believe that other kids will never bully him because of his disability, rather they will always try to help him.

His teachers will pay more attention to him, even in his personal life, anyone he will meet, will pay more attention to him.

And because of this unending trust and motivation from his father, when he grew up, he got a big position in marketing in a company that made hearing equipment for deaf people.

The first time I read this story, I created a strong belief inside me that if I look at things from a different perspective, my situation will always get better, no matter what.

This was the story of Napoleon Hill and his son. He mentioned it in his book, "Think and Grow Rich", one of the best selling self-help book of the century.

We can always make things better if we learn to think differently, see things differently.

I know It's easy to say but difficult to do, still, if we try, we can get better results every time.

We can always grab the biggest opportunities in our life from the biggest troubles we face.

There are many ways to look at things in the same situation.

Like if you have lost your job, either you could be sad about it, or happy about it, because now you can try for a job in hundreds of different places. It's a good news for the job consultant, the new place you will work at and definitely for you

If you had a bad relationship, you know the value of relations, the value of people and the value of truth and promises. How much you learn from one thing that has gone wrong, only you can tell about it.

Even when someone dies, some people cry, get depressed, but some feel joyous, believing that they will always be with them now, they have transcended to a higher state.

It always depends on your perspective, how something can make your life better.

Thinking Better Does No Good Unless....

Even if you change your state of thinking, it will not help you in any way unless you act on the new perspective.

You are broke, but you have changed the way you look at things. Now, you imagine yourself as a millionaire, but that will not make you rich unless you do something.

Just imagining things and not doing anything will make you a daydreamer.

It will make you weak because you see how good things could be in a bad situation, but you don't do anything to make things better.

And it will make things even worse because when you are in a problem, you will try everything to get out of it, but if you feel that there is no problem, you will do nothing.

How do you want a bad situation to end? While you were trying to make things better or while you have already given up, accepting everything is alright?

Questioning Is Always Better Than Complaining.

Most people complain how the odds are against them in every situation.

Tell me one thing, what is the benefit of complaining, how does it solve any of your problems?

Have you ever seen a successful person complaining that he can't do anything because things aren't in his favour? All success stories are made because people act against odds. And that's the best thing one can do, plan and act, instead of complaining.

Now we know that the best way to get out of a problem is to find a solution, how do we find a solution?

It's simple, by questioning things!

You can either ask why it has happened with you.

Or you can ask yourself how you can get out of it.

What you can do to make things better.

What did you learn from this situation?

How did it help you grow? What kind of experiences are you taking away from this situation?

Only troubles in our life help us grow, they make us stronger; they help us prepare for anything and everything.

When you start asking yourself how and what instead of why you can always make things work!

Everything Happens For A Reason But...

Everything happens for a reason, how many times have you heard that?

It was one of the biggest lies, that was ever fed to us.

Only those people who don't want to do anything in a situation makes this excuse: everything happens for a reason.

It is just that things always happen, good or bad, it depends on how you see them.

If you try to make things better for yourself and other in every situation you face, then you do things for a reason.

You act for a reason, to make your life better.

Otherwise, there is always an excuse, "things happen for a reason".


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I very much like your point with 'Questioning instead of complaining'.

From my experience we always complain, hence blame, when we find ourselves in a situation where we can finally leave others holding the baby!
"i didn't want that in the first place", so I am not the one to blame, pointing at others instead. Yet we ourselves were the ones who put ourselves into that situation to begin with, because we decided to let others decide instead of deciding ourselves with all responsibility.

Questioning is indeed key! :)

Great read!

Well, my motto is "doing instead of complaining" so I can relate to this post in a way.

People need to take action rather than only thinking about it, so questioning is only part of the way.



You are a lot related to this post, because you are always working on making yourself better!



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