Things About Frustration That Nobody Has Ever Told You.

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Has it ever happened to you that you were getting late to go somewhere and your car didn't start?

Or you got stuck in the traffic when you were getting late.

How much frustrating was that moment?

These are pretty common things. Still, they can spoil your whole day. Because of frustration, you can do something wrong that you will regret later.

Think about other such trivial things, that provoked you to take wrong decisions.

The worst decisions I ever made, was when I was frustrated with something or someone.

So, till now, I used to believe that frustration was not right for me, it makes me weak every time I do something wrong being frustrated.

But something changed my perspective recently. Now I believe that our frustration is very valuable if we don't lose control over ourselves and make wrong decisions in haste.

To use it properly, we need to understand it.

We want all the situations to be in our favour, and frustration is the element that pushes us continuously in that direction.

How Does Rejection Affects You?

If you want something and you don't get it, it will frustrate you!

Things always don't happen in the way you plan them, and it will always piss you off unless you understand yourself more deeply.

So, those of you who don't take rejection well, becomes sad, panics and lose control over yourself.

And those who accept the results but don't give up on trying again, or trying in a different way, accepts frustration. They make it useful for themselves!

You just need to change the results, change it to the ones you planned, and it doesn't matter if your first plan failed, you can always make more plans!

Once you understand this idea, you will be at peace with yourself then.

So, now you know how to handle your rejection, you can prevent yourself from the sadness that comes from frustration, and use frustration as a desire to change things.

Frustration is a good thing, and it will be useful if you learn to handle it.

So, instead of spitting your anger on someone because they don't behave the way you expect them to be, accept the rejection of your expectations.

Don't Give Yourself Too Much Importance!

The reason why you are always frustrated is that you give too much importance to yourself.

The moment you separate importance from yourself, nothing will matter to you.

You will still want things to happen, but you will not be angry if they don't.

And that is the best way to do anything, it's the best way to channelise your energy in the right direction.

What Happens When You Let Your Frustration Die?

You can remember a few people whose behaviour frustrated you, but now you are comfortable with them.

Think about it, have they changed their behaviour? Or have you accepted it now; that was not acceptable to you before?

You face a lot of situations when you are not happy with your circumstances, but you accept it.

It includes the job you do, the car you drive, and the life you live.

You get comfortable with things, you accept them as they are, and don't try to change them.

After some time, you will make a habit of accepting things, to surrender yourself everytime you face a hard situation and let things be how they are.

Never let it happen!

Don't become a fish in the tank, who eats whatever is being fed.

Everything is a choice.

Either accept it or get frustrated with it till you get what you want.

Frustration Is Not About More Or Less; It Is About Our Values.

Frustration does not happen when we get less than we expected, it is when we get something else than what we expected.

If you value your respect the most and if your friends or family doesn't give you the kind of respect you want, it will frustrate you more than anything else in this world.

If you value money more than anything else, maybe a lot of people give you respect, but you are not satisfied with anything, because you want money more than respect.

There is nothing to be ashamed about it. If you can't tell yourself the truth, you can't do anything right in your life.

Find out what you value most in your life.

What is the thing that you want most in your life? Respect, money, support, love, spiritualism, peace, or anything else?

Everyone wants all of these things, but there is one thing that everyone values more than anything else.

Like I value my freedom more than anything else. I can lose money, respect and support of people when I feel that someone is trying to compromise my freedom to make choices.

So, now my every decision is based on whether it will affect my freedom to do anything or not.

When you find out what you value most, you will know what questions to ask yourself before making a decision or before acting in a situation.

Things will become easy to chose.


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"Do't take yourself too important"

Oh yes! From my viewpoint this overlaps with "don't take yourself too serious". Really great and essential point you make here! :)

It is this seriousness which makes us struggle so much. Laughing is a great tool to not struggle so much. But then in turn we shouldn't make the laughing too much of a serious obligation once again, because then we struggle again and get frustrated.

Frustration itself is good, yet only when we don't take it too serious it is that we can accept it and learn from it.

Nothing is happening against us, only ever for us :)


Nothing is happening against us, only ever for us.

Let everything be left for destiny to decide?


When we think that everything is happening against us we tend to play victim to our circumstances, whereas when we think that everything is happening for us we naturally see the opportunity in everything we experience irrespective of the nature of the situation we are in.

So yes, in a sense it is destiny. We could also say we have trust and faith that the Universe will conspire something beautiful for us, and the Universe surely won't disappoint us :)

I always say: the Universe has its own order, and the best way to control it is to not control it.

I think your article perfectly made that clear already :)


I would say that universe definitely conspires something beautiful for us!