The Ultimate Show Of Human Capabilities In The Movie, "The Revenant" By Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Movies aren't just for entertainment purposes anymore. You can learn as much from a movie as much you will, by reading a book, if you watch the right ones and figure out the subtle messages portrayed by the director and the writer.

One such movie is The Revenant, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy in the lead roles.

Based on a 2002 novel, The Revenant is a movie about survival and revenge of a man, betrayed by his companions and left to die alone.

One will be amazed at what one can do if rightly motivated by watching this movie. And you can apply these characteristics in your life to improve your life.

Let's see what we can learn and apply in our lives by watching this movie.

1. Willpower.

Hugh Glass, the character portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio shows one of the most-determined human being I have ever seen.

We can learn by watching this movie that if one has enough willpower, he can walk away from his death, let alone the small difficulties in his life.

After being attacked by a grizzly bear, watching his son being killed in front of him, and left behind to rot and die alone, Hugh glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) still survives.

Not only does he survives, but also fights back his injuries and the tricky forces of nature, to live, to regain his health and take revenge from Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy).

It was only because of his willpower that he was able to survive after going through so much and with nothing by his side except his desire to live.

We have seen many examples like this not only in fiction but also in reality when people were trapped in natural calamities, they didn't give up, they survived and lived long enough to tell their tales.

One real-life example of such willpower which I saw, was in the movie 127 hours.

If you have enough willpower, you can survive through anything.

2. Suffering.

We love this kind of movies because we have a weird affection towards suffering. Though everyone wants to live a happy and prosperous life, we want some pain in our life that will make us strong.

The riches spoils us, but the suffering makes us strong enough to go through anything.

That's why we are inclined towards movies showing a lot of suffering.

We want to see people being strong enough while going through a lot. Watching it gives us power so that we can go through adverse situations like the character in the movie.

It gives us courage that we can be strong enough when the time comes to face adverse situations.

3. The Power Of Love.

The most significant motivational factor in our life is the power of love. It can make us do anything.

Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) almost on the verge of death, rejected to die, because of his love for his son, to take the revenge for his death.

In normal circumstances, anyone would have died at that point, if not for love.

It is the affection towards our loved ones that keep us going daily in our lives.

It is this power that makes us smile when we return our homes after the drudgery of the whole day.

The power of love will make us smile even when we are going through our worst times.


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Was a great movie with a strong message..... "never give up." Lots of great action as well. Interesting post choice and it, for me, has been a while. I may have to go re-watch this one now.


Yepp, never give up.....Thanks for such a good comment.

I am just doing a formality I don't even know what he post is about
Nice post man
Please upvote me Not begging for upvotes.


here you go, happy to see you here...hahaha

I like The Revenant, its verry philosophic if you see under the facade.
It made me thinking about life and the trust in other humans.
Great post 👍