If Everyone Thinks Something Is Right, Does That Makes It Right?

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How do you know that if you are under someone's influence?

Everyone around us is trying to pour their opinion in our mind, believing they are right and we are not.

Sometimes they are, but mostly they are not.

The thing about this influence is that we can not see it easily, but we catch it mostly.

Imagine that you bought a blue coloured dress of your choice. You went out wearing it to meet your friends. But most of them tell you that you are not looking good in that colour.

So what will happen?

You will immediately start hating the blue colour, and maybe you will never wear it again, even though you liked it.

What happened here is that someone influenced our opinion socially, and we believed it was right because more than one people said it was right.

It has been happening with all of us from the beginning.

Failing in the school is wrong, because everyone says it is wrong. You are a dumb kid if you have failed.

This idea is so much settled in our mind because most of the world thinks that only dumb kids fail in the school.

But you know that it isn't so in your heart.

The more people say anything is right or wrong, the more easily you will believe it.

Why does it happen?

It happens because we don't want to make decisions for ourselves. No matter how much self-reliant we believe we are, but when a lot of people tell us to do something, we will do it.

We avert decision making. We rely on others to decide for ourselves. It makes things easier. We love to live an easy life.

The influence works mostly in our relationship life.

If our relatives and friends say that the person we are in the relationship with isn't right for us, we will believe that they must be probably right. Because we don't know the best for ourselves, someone else does, right?

We will find some fault in that person, and things will start getting worse.

Conversely, if our friends or parents believe that someone is a right match for us, even if we don't like the person, in the beginning, we will develop affection towards that person later.

While suggestions make life easier, we should not blindly follow others suggestion.

It will lead us to trouble and despair.

So what can we do?

We just need to tell ourself consciously that we are being influenced. The moment we realise that we know we are being influenced, we will not be influenced by others opinion anymore.

The solution is that simple.

Your parents may not understand you and might try to force their opinion on you. Maybe they know better than you.

But accepting anything they impose will never work out.

Neither will be telling them that you don't care what they think, you will do whatever you want.

You have to put your opinion subtly and then try to bring them into compliance by repeating it again and again but smoothly.

The same thing applies to your children, your friends, your life partner, your business partner and pretty much with everyone else you have to deal with in your life.

First figure out when you are being influenced by someone else opinion, acknowledge it in your mind. Then put your opinion as gently as you could and repeat it with facts and better solutions.

The more you will act according to yourself, the better your life will become.

The more you will let others control your life, the more troubled days you will live.


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You are right. It is about decluttering external Truth and belief until we eventually return to "the only Truth lies within oneself". All is belief. Yet many people try to cloak belief as Knowingness. In reality this is merely a very strong and deeply engrained belief. The stronger this belief gets the more our external world will reflect that belief back to us. So naturally, starting the process of finding back to within is initially quite rocky because the external takes some time to reflect our new sense of Truth back to us. But once it happened we have set the anchor of Trust we can always resort to! :)


That's a great explanation of what I am trying to say.

Thanks for adding your great opinion here.

"Sometimes they are, but mostly they are not."

That is statistically wrong.

The more people you tell you something is wrong, the higher the chance it actually is, and the more people tell you something the higher chance is there it is right.

That's also because it's the society which defines what is wrong and right, even if it might not be for us, personally.


The intent was to share with everyone how to take decisions against general opinions.

Generally, every human is coded in the same way and they react in the same way. So if we are able to do things not according to general principals but according to what we actually want to do, we can live a better life.


Yeah, which in some cases is wise but might not always be. Like, let's say you want to major in Sports. This might make you happy on the long term, but if you (in 99% of the cases) are not able to take care of your family and live your live like you'd want it to, etc, this might be a bad decision for you.

If you decide to live on the street to rebel against society, this might make you happy on the short term, but real happy you won't be this way.


Depends on how determined we are. If we give up after a while, we will be sad in the long term.

But if we keep going on till we achieve what we wanted, we will be happy throughout the life.


Which also depends on how realistic our goals are.
It doesn't matter how determined you are, but there is a high chance you will never become an Astronaut, Movie Star, Singer or similar.
There are things which need more than determination, they need skill or in the case of Singer and Movie Star essentially a lot of luck.
In the case of Astronaut, I even say, if you have the skills, you are young and have the education, go for it. Even if you don't become an Astronaut, something good you'll do. In the case of the other do, not as much.


I never believed in luck but determination. I can not impose my opinion on you, but I have seen very very few cases in my life that if someone wanted something in his life and he tried for it every day, he didn't get it. Unless anyone quits, he will definitely achieve it.

I have tried it, I didn't believe it before that if we keep trying we can achieve whatever we want, our past experiences make our opinions and what we believe in our life.

I have lots of experiences when I myself have achieved more than what I wanted by pure determination.

Hey looftee, quality blog. I’ve given you a follow now.
I know you’re not meaning it in this way, but since I wrote my sniper blog, I’ve got trading analogies on my mind, and this is another.

If everyone thinks something is right, does that make it right?

In trading, it actually does!

Markets are just a reflection of human emotions and predictions. Technical analysis works because people think it works. It is a self fulfilling prophecy.

Haha well I’m sorry to take it off course, but i couldn’t help myself.

Have a great day!


Well, If we talk about trading, If everyone believes something is right, say a coin will boom. Then everyone has already bought it, and then there will be only selling.

I don't know if I can explain it clearly but in crypto markets, I generally believe opposite to what everyone is saying.

If everyone is saying that btc will drop to 5k again in next two months, then most of the people who believes it has already sold it, so now there are very few sellers and a lot of buyers, the btc will increase then.

I always act on the opposite of general opinion.

Your article was quite a good one and it was opposite of general opinion. Everyone believes that more trading is more profits, but the truth is less trading is more profits.

Glad to know that members like you brings this to public view so we can understand it


Hey @looftee, great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit! :)



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Your profile shows a vast amount of good photographs on it.

Did you start photography after joining steemit, or you used to do it before too?

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