Does Your Childhood Affects Your Whole Lives?

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How much do you think your childhood affects your whole life?

A little or a lot?

But whatever you think, the whole journey of your life actually depends upon how your childhood was.

It is because our minds were naive when we were children, so we picked up whatever was happening around us, and saved it in our memories without analysing it, whether it was right or wrong.

And whatever we picked up will remain there forever. So the kind of childhood we had, decides the kind of life we will live.

If we had comfort in our childhood, we will seek comfort throughout our lives, but if our childhood was hard, we will seek hard work in our life.

Plumy Childhood.

When we get everything we ask for in our childhood, we grow up believing that life is too easy and we will get anything we want throughout our lives.

But this is not the case in the actual world.

When you enter your adulthood, you will see that life gets harder every day, you have to fight for everything you want.

You have to fight for your dreams, your goals, your jobs, for everything.

And that is not the kind of life the plummy kids had been brought up for.

So they get depressed and live their lives in despair unless they adapt to the reality.

Neglected Childhood.

Often we find people who were neglected during their childhood by either one or both of their parents.

The excuse of their parents could be anything, from drug abuse, divorce, or being too busy in their work.

The result is that the kids create an empty space to fill up for the love they didn't get.

And because of this, they become too hard on themselves.

They try to prove themselves in every moment of life which limits them to live their lives fully.

They need to talk to their parents more often when they grow up.

It will release the pressure that was growing inside them.

Rash Childhood.

So many people have been bullied, abused physically and mentally during their childhood.

These souls have witnessed the true evil in their lives when they were too small to handle it.

The mark of what they have gone through remains in their memories and in their behaviours forever.

They have seen how worse life could be.

But some surrender to the brutality, and they live their lives scared and alone.

If they want to change their lives, they have to get over what they have gone through and move towards something better.

It is the most difficult thing to do, but still, they have to do something to make their and other lives better. Only then life will have some meaning for them. Otherwise, they will keep living a hollow life until they die.

Those of them who fight back are the ones who reach the ultimate heights in their life when they grow up.

Nothing scares them anymore because they have seen worst things in their childhood.

Whether we remember the good moments or the bad ones, the more attached we are from what we have gone through, the less we will move further.


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Our childhood is everything! It is the beginning, it is the end, it is the most inportant formation of oneself. It is the definition of our lives!


truly said.

Kitabe padhna kaam ari hain :P



Childhood days were the beautifull phases of life ! Without uncertainty of job pressure! We were far away from the harsh reality of life!! And our heart was not affected by so called materialistic world