[Blog Series Ep 1] BOMB CYCLONE NYC

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Many of you may have heard about the recent winter-storm to hit the east coast. Between 40-mph gusts of wind here in NYC and ice water surging onto land further up the coast, the storm was a wonder of natural power.

Having grown up in Wisconsin I didn’t think there was a “snow storm” that would impress me on the east coast, apart from Buffalo a few years ago with their feet upon feet of snow. Boy, was I wrong! We woke up in the morning and the snow was falling horizontally because of the strong winds. At around 9am we already had four inches and my job interviews were all canceled for the day due to the trains. It takes a really impressive storm to stop New Yorkers from going about their business; it’s the city that never sleeps after all.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Bomb Cyclone, Liz? That sounds like something out of an apocalyptic movie and in some ways you’re right. Between the foot of snow outside my window to the ridiculous winds, this storm was very impressive.

They are actually fairly common in winter as it is caused by a pocket of atmosphere rapidly losing pressure, roughly a 1 Millibar reduction per hour or less. This particular storms name was Grayson, and he prefers to be addressed as such.

Please enjoy this photo of my friends and I braving Grayson to go to grocery shopping.

Come back soon!

Bonus aftermath pic in Brooklyn:

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Congrats @lizk, Your photo made it on the Top Photographs Daily Selection today :) Upvoted and Resteemd!



WOOO thank you!