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As a Brit my favourite drink is tea and not coffee, but a couple of years ago I bought a Nespresso coffee machine because my idol George Clooney is the spokesperson it was convenient to make a good cup of coffee at home. More importantly, it looks so cool in my kitchen.
在英國住了多年其實我愛喝英式奶茶多於咖啡。之前 買了一台咖啡機都是因為覺得放在家裏非常酷。但自從來到台灣後,發覺這裏的咖啡文化非常棒。每星期總會去找一家咖啡店扮文青。

Since coming to Taiwan, I realised there is a strong coffee drinking culture here. Starbucks is popular as they are all around the world, but the coffee culture I'm referring to are the individual small cafes, often run by the baristas themselves. Although I'm not big coffee drinker, I love to explore the cafe scene in Taichung to soak in its lovely atmosphere. Let me take you on a tour.

The cafe with no name

Yes, that's what it's really called. This is my favourite bolthole, located in a small alley with no sign outside. It's very low key, jus like walking into somebody's house. Everytime I come here I feel like coming back home.
這家真是叫做沒名字的咖啡店,隱藏在小巷弄裡,沒有門口招牌 。不知道的話 , 路過絕對不敢進去。我我就是喜歡這裏低調,有回家的感覺。

Cafe Shih & The Ark

Before I came here, I had walked past this many times without noticing it. It's subtly located at a small street next to some local shops homes and doesn't have a big sign outside. The owner is a young guy who wasn't quite sure what he wanted in life, but loved coffee so decided to take an opportunity to start his own cafe. Inside is very contemporary and comfortable with a choice of desks, comfy chairs or the bar counter where you can chat with the owner.
以前經過這家多次都沒有留意過。 原來店主是一位年青男士自己第一次嘗試創業 。內裏裝潢現代化,設有吧枱可以跟店主聊天,他非常建談。

Cofffee Industry

This is located near one of the local universities so has lots of desk space for students to read and work. This is my favourite desk when I visit. The other great place nearby is a cinema that shows second round movies ie movies that have premiered a couple of months ago. Tickets only cost USD1.6 so whenever go to watch a movie, I always drop by for a coffee as well.
這家在大學附近的咖啡店平常有不少學生光顧。 附近還有一家播放二輪電影的電影院,票價只需USD1.6。我每次去看電影都總會來喝杯咖啡。

Fleet Street

Fleet Street is a famous street in London where all the newspapers used to operate out from, so coming here feels a bit like being back in London. I like the interior of this cafe, spacious and tiled, very cool. There's also a lot of books and feels like you're in a book store rather than a cafe.
倫敦有一條著名的弗利特街,以往所有報紙出版社都在哪裏 。所以來到這家咖啡店非常有親切感像回到倫敦一樣。

JW Cafe

The barista here has won many awards and his latte art is definitely mesmerising as were their black sesame cheesecake. I'm not normally a fan or either black sesame flavour nor cheesecake, but I have to say both desserts got a massive thumbs up from me.
這裏的咖啡師以往獲獎無少, 拉花技術的確了得。我平常對黑芝麻和起司甜點興趣都不大,但這裏做的真的非常好吃。

Match Neverland

This is literally one minute walk from my old flat, located in an old house down a little alley. I used to come here all the time when I didn't want to walk too far. This is my favourite seat by the front window overlooking the front garden. I like this cafe as it has a very clear political stance, something which can be quite sensitive for some poeple in Taiwan.

Hausinc Cafe

The first time I came here, I fell in love with this cafe as it is located on a road lined with tall trees on both sides, very European feel. The owner used to be an architect so the design and layout of the cafe is very comfortable and relaxing. But the big bonus for me, is that I have now moved near to this cafe, and it is only less than 5 minutes walk away from me!

I'm blessed with so many great cafes around me, and its great to see that the coffee scene is not dominated by large multinational chains in Taiwan. Each of these cafes are unique in their own way, and everytime I visit a one I feel like I've discovered a new gem. That's what I love about the coffee scene hear.

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I love the Cafe Shih & The Ark, they use the pallets in a stand of table. Good idea.

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That's my favourite seat, the chair is very comfy!




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Thank you as always @travelfeed

Cool cafes. You should come to Melbourne for our coffee. It is the best!


Its been a long time since I've been to Australia, another long overdue trip

怎麼都沒有地址啊? 所以要去這些咖啡廳一定要你帶囉

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全對!! 南下記得找我! 😉😁

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I love these @livinguktaiwan, especially The Cafe With No Name. Hey @themanwithnoname!! Do you own this cafe?? :)

Reminds me of a documentary I watched where a guy turned his back yard into a fake restaurant, all hipster-like, and did a test to get a million likes or something like that from Trip Advisor. He actually managed to do it, it was hilarious how people fell for it, but it looked like this place from the outside!


That's so funny!! It's surprising what people fall for sometimes that's why I don't use Tripadvisor much nowadays.