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Health check-ups.

Right now for the majority of the Western World we're living in a pretty dark and dingy winter month: January. This means that most of us will be dealing with a vitamin D deficiency. When you couple that with a drug addiction such as alcohol, the effects can really compound in a very negative way. However, you can't always tell when you're dealing with vitamin and mineral deficiencies. This is why we recommend getting periodic checkups from your regular GP.

Regular blood work from a GP / Doctor can help you to determine many different things that can be happening within your body. You could be low or deficient in something that can result in a major issue for you later down the road. Drugs and alcohol will aggravate these deficiencies. A good doctor / GP will run a full blood work panel. There are some pretty important biomarkers (more info here - for those of you who might be very heavy drinkers that might be important you to read up on.

At the end of the day you need to take control of your health and this is one way to identify issues if they exist.

To your recovery,

Live Rehab


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