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Thirteen years ago I went to meet some friends in the city of Chester, Pennsylvania. When the meeting was over a few of us wanted to go to a nearby diner to grab a bite to eat. A man I did not know very well offered to take us to the diner and then back to our meeting place. We said "sure" and climbed into his car. When we got on the highway the man who owned the car, Tom, told us he had just purchased the car from a friend of his. Just as he told us that, the car ran out of gas, and we were stranded on the highway. We all got out of the car and someone called a friend of theirs to bring us some gas. All of a sudden, I felt something on my leg. I looked down and an orange tom cat was at my feet. I looked around and wondered where he came from because we were on a bustling highway. The man named Tom told me I should get him off the highway before the animal got himself killed. I picked him up and he was very clean and his nails were short, so I thought he must belong to someone, but there was no way he would survive if I left him there. We got some gas and the cat went in the car and really enjoyed the bacon I got for him when we went to the diner.

Here is Cat with two of our previous cats, Charmer and Smarty Jones. Cat is in the back right.

I got the cat home without any hassle. My husband, @remlaps, was not happy because we already had four or five cats. I decided to name the feline I had brought home CAT for two reasons. I had called the SPCA to see if someone had called because their cat was missing and also because I love the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. Audrey Hepburn named her feline CAT because she didn't want to get attatched to anything or anyone.

A week went by and I kept checking with the SPCA to see if anyone was going to claim him. No one ever did. We moved CAT out of our laundry room into the general population. I feed the cats and meet all their needs. The only thing my husband does is change their kitty litter. Yet, CAT is absolutely, positively devoted to my husband. Any where my husband goes that ungrateful animal is close by. When my husband works from home up in the office that animal is less than two feet from my husband's feet sound asleep in a cat bed we finally put there. When we watch T.V. that animal appears as soon as my husband is sitting and makes his way around Blitz, our non-cat friendly German Shepard dog, to sit on his lap. If my husband falls asleep on the sofa that is where you will find that ungrateful vermin. The only time cat comes to me is when he is either demanding to be fed or requires assistance past the non-cat friendly entity in our home. Other than that nothing. My husband constantly uses that animal to get out of doing things I would like him to do. "Honey can you take the trash out please?" "I can't, I have CAT." This is an ongoing and recurring theme in our marriage and has been for thirteen years now.

I have no idea what my husband is going to do when that ungrateful vermin I saved from being roadkill goes up to that great big litter box up in the sky, and really in my heart of hearts I hope that day never comes.

Lisa Palmer is a former sales person from West Chester, Pennsylvania. She is the mother of @cmp2020, and the wife of @remlaps.

Welcome Lisa ( and your cats!)

Thank you Nandas!

Welcome to Steemit. I wish you a lot of fun on this platform with the Steemit community.

Thank you qsounds. I hope I have many hours of fun writing for Steemit.

Enjoy :)

Welcome aboard!

Your husband and son were some of the first people to make me feel welcome on here so it's a pleasure to meet you as well.

We have a cat named "puss" who came with our current house. We don't know what her former name was either.

Thank you Winston. I didn't have a choice. It was either join or be left out!

welcome to steemit!!

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oh God this sounds hilarious... my cat also became mine (she was my girlfriend's), and the house's cat became my mom's xD

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