Our thought is limited by our language

in #life6 years ago

That's what Ludwig Wittgenstein, a great philosopher said.

This statement is very bold to make. I find it very interesting, and partly agree with it at the moment. I just think, sometimes, we escape from the language into a feeling phase. And I think one could think while feeling, not needing to use any language, rather solely use emotions. I hope I expressed myself clearly, it's very complicated to try and describe this idea. One is most certainly limited by the language while writing.
I have to contemplate on it a little more however... What do you think?



Our thoughts are inseparable from our feelings. Does a child not think before it can speak? Thinking or the stream of thought can manifest itself in form of words, or images or sounds. It is all the movement of thought.

Thought is not only limited by our language, but limited in itself. Thought is based on sensory experiences and our senses are limited.

Hope this means something to you <3

Thanks for commenting and expressing your opinion. I agree :)

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