Watching our kids swimming. How blessed we are!

in life •  4 months ago


Every minute of our live is valuable... Nothing is granted... Appreciate every second God is giving you as the biggest bless.

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I couldn’t agree more ! One of my favorite quotes is;

“Happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.”

  • Frederick Koenig

It’s so easy to live in the past and future with our thoughts, so thanks for the reminder to think about the present and appreciating it ! Have a great weekend

"Every minute of our live is valuable... "

great say dear & nice clickz too

τι ωραία που είναι!!! καλά να περνάτε...

Indeed you are blessed to have children and be alive. Each day is a gift from God waiting to be opened and shared.

each moment a priceless gift! thanks for the image...and your words today @liondani . much blessings to ALL!!!!!

Compelling and superb. Every second and every minute counts. Staying alive is a great miracle that cannot be bought with money.
Every minute of our life is an opportunity to change the course of our destinies and that of humanity. And as such, it's always pertinent to get rid of negative energy and stay happy, hopeful and grateful.

.... And because you can't take back lost moments!

πολλες φορες ο Θεος εχει εναν περιεργο τροπο να μας δειχνει την αγαπη του...το μονο σιγουρο ειναι βεβαια οτι μας αγαπαει,το μονο σιγουρο ειναι οτι δεν αξιζουμε την αγαπη του γιατι δεν μπορουμε να την εκτιμησουμε...
...δε ξερω για ποιο λογο τελικα μας δημιουργησε....

Life is the most wonderful gift of the God, it is up to the approach of the humans they adopt to make their life wonderful. By the way water looks very deep isn't it dangerous for the kids ?

Μια γλυκύτατη εικόνα με αγάπη, φως και ομορφιά. Να είστε όλοι καλά. Φίλησέ μου τα αγγελούδια σου

And another thing I like about familia diamond is that they sometimes replies to your comments again LOVE U FAMILIA DIAMOND!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍❤❤❤😘😘😘

OMG!!! You guys are amazing. You are learning so fast and you are so good. I hope you guys live a blessed life. very awesome photography dear.

Yes @liondani every minute of our life is valuable and we are liable to spend our lives on the right way. The way of truth, honesty, believe, that Almighty God Tell us. Our lives are fidelities of Almighty God.

My dad thought me by throwing me in the pool and see if I will come up😂😂💗💗but hey I am really good at swimming

the kids are doing great! I never knew how to swim and my dad bought us a pool regardless😂

Every second of life gives us a lot of blessings, and God always has a way to give us happiness

Agreed it sure is a gift that we will ever get !
Time is indeed precious the more we give value to it the more it will appreciate us !

Yes exactly, actually blessings of God surround us every time, every where and in every moment.

nice photo

God gives a lot of things for our betterment. We must gives thanks to god for his greatness. We should use our every second for god..
Thanks @liondani for your great work

such an inspirational word it is sir @liondani thanks for sharing it!

Teach your teens how to be safe while swimming ... Safe Kids gives parents helpful tips to prevent drowning at the pool:

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No doubt Kids are utmost blessings! We should always be thankful for them as not everyone are blessed! :)

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beautiful place! and great 📷

I agree fully, we as humans really need to take more time out for family and friends and make sure we spend every possible moment talking in all the joys and wonders of the people we love as well as our surroundings. wherever that may be. gratitude is something I need to focus on more :-) thank you for your vote :-)

Very true . Thank you for stopping by at my profile !

Great Pic!!!

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