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RE: No longer just a dream

in #life4 years ago

Hey sis 👋,
How u dey? Been offline for almost two weeks. Missed you all.
Anyways, I can see you found a way to keep yourself fit and trim. Nice one. I liked playing badminton too when I get the chance.
Wish I was close to your location, then we would have definitely had some games.
Anyways, call hubby and let him be your badminton partner. You can bribe him Wella if he's forming big boy😁😁😁.
Enjoy yourself.

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Lol. You say the nicest things. And yes I have been working on losing weight, no more sugar, no more fizzy drinks, no more ice-cream and pizza...basically no more fun jare. I would like to connect with you offline. May I have your whatsapp number?

Hey sis,
Here's my WhatsApp number:
It's strictly for WhatsApp. Please do not call the number. It's inside my router.

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Awesome! Adding you right away

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