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  1. Let mom have something to boast every time she talks with other aunts while walking for exercise.

  2. For parents to never bow before others for money. Family will always be the driving force for us to move forward.

  3. Because of my Audi, because of his wife's Dior, because of her Oreo.

  4. Can be a great light that hates people you hate, no need to worry about relationships or other concerns that hide your hate.

  5. Because our speed of success must be faster than the speed of our aging parents. They have sacrificed their lives for us, and later, when they get old, they are weak, they can rely on us only.


  1. Try to work, to be able to stand with the person you love, whether rich or poor, I can still extend his arms to embrace him. He is rich, I do not feel like climbing high, he is poor, we are not too depressed. This is the meaning for every girl's effort.

  2. To be able to get an Arab salary, at home in England, wear a Swiss watch, marry a Korean wife, two Japanese women, go for Thai massage, drove a German curtain, sit American plane, drink French wine, Australian seafood, Cuban cigars, Russian villas.

  3. There is no reason, just because we have no other choice, we do not want to live miserably, do not want our children to be like us through such things. I do not want my children to be poor, but to be self-deprecating, do not want my 15-year-old to think about what 20, 30 years old people think.

  4. This world is very much where you have not yet, a lot of delicious you have not tried, and many types of people you have not met, think of this, the people boiling, can not stop, should try It is more than doubles, not for the sake of success, not for wanting to surpass someone, but for the desire to experience a wider world.

  5. Mainly want my relatives to buy things do not need to worry whether the money is enough or not, when the foot pain can not be cramped on the bus, when buying things for yourself do not need to save for I. Use my efforts in exchange for their half-life.

  6. Parents have invested so much money in the stock that I am, I have to try my best to raise prices.

  7. Acknowledgment is another name for Attacks.

  8. Did you find out? Apart from the all-new Mercedes Benz, BMWs, Land Rover, and the Playstation, the gambling hall is full of motorbikes, electric bikes and bicycles. This is why the rich are richer and the poor are getting poorer. It's scary that there are not a lot of people who are better than you, but those who are better than you are! Do you have any other reason to not strive?

  9. It is often said that this girl, trying to work is not equal to finding a good husband. But I do not want to make a clutter, living life on the other.

  10. When you are young when you recognize yourself love money, feel greedy and mediocre. When it comes to adulthood, money does not just represent a desire for enjoyment and extravagance, it is a basic condition for a stable life. To be able to feed ourselves first, we have the capacity to talk about hobbies, ideals. If you want to give yourself a sense of security, try to make money. If you want to give your loved one a sense of security, try to make money. Sometimes, money is love. But love money, does not mean for money that throw away all.

  11. Simple, do not want to buy clothes every time, have to sneak marks on the price first.

  12. There is no need to continue to wonder about bread and love, which is more important. I just love you, and the bread you will worry about.

  13. To win the initiative in life.

  14. The new independent economy can be spiritually free.



u still young,try hard..

Yes, I read the article, I have more motivation! Thank you for writing this article

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