#3 : You weren't born to just pay bills and die

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The rich and the poor have a lot of differences, but no one is rich and they have no three. Life, money and wealth will come to those who are determined.


Most of us who are born are also looking forward to being rich and pursuing wealth. The richest billionaire in the world Bill Gates once said: "Born in poverty is not your crime; But if you die in poverty, that's your fault. "

Therefore, there is no reason for you to live in poverty forever. Money and wealth are waiting for you in the forefront only if you are determined and know why the rich get wealth.

According to the self-made Daniel Ally, here are 10 things that make the difference between the rich and the poor.

  1. Rich people always trust, the poor are always skeptical

Many rich people to open their homes and cars when they go out; while the poor always close the door. The rich can trust the people they meet for whatever reason and the poor do not.

I still remember a miner who told me, "These engineers are very suspicious. They always try to bully the weak. They will take your money when you do not pay attention. " This means that the miner always suspected everything around him and feared others would take away his money.

  1. Rich people seek success, poor people find fault

The rich know that everything happens for a reason. So instead of letting life come to life, they choose to take action and decide for themselves. They ignore apologies and never blame anyone because they know there are more important things to do.

Meanwhile, the poor find fault rather than solve the problem. They usually finish things by blaming the circumstances, the environment, the work, the weather, the government, and creating a list of "out-of-bounds" that they have not yet succeeded.

  1. The rich always ask questions, the poor just put the hypothesis

Rich people always ask questions for every problem. For example, "What if I emailed the President and received his reply?" When you start asking questions, you will no longer feel disturbed. Strength is in the hands of those who ask the right questions.

Meanwhile, instead of seeking the truth, the poor offer hypotheses. For example, when you want to reach a celebrity without success, the poor will say, "They are too busy to talk to me."

  1. The rich always say "we", the poor say "they"

At one of my favorite restaurants, the waiter often said, "We are honored to serve you steak on the stove." The way of saying "we" proud and possessive of the servant made me happy and tipped for him. Well, you can become rich by being very simple: invest in what you believe is right.


On the contrary, when I went to a food store, I saw the woman at the registration counter saying, "They never have enough cash. I do not know what to do with them. " Obviously, this woman did not consider herself a part of the food store. She does not love the work that is paying her.

  1. The rich find the best option, the poor find the cheapest option

The rich accept go further to find the most precious materials possible. They do not limit themselves to the price and often look for the best service. Meanwhile, the poor often seek low-cost and discounted services.

I used to go shopping with a friend whom she just looked for the cheapest clothes. Even if it was something she did not like and did not intend to buy, she still picked it up in the shopping cart because she thought it was too "cool". However, in the end she never wears them even once.

  1. The rich choose the time, the poor choose the money

The rich never give in to the money. Moreover, they seek life-filling experiences. When choosing a career, the rich focus on the things that make them passionate and can help others instead of sitting down and waiting for the paycheck at the end of the month.

Meanwhile, millions of poor people around the world exchange precious time for money. You can earn $ 5000 anytime, but if you lose 50 hours, you will never be able to get it back.

  1. Rich people create, poor people compete

The wealthy neighbors around my house are always unhappy to see the newly purchased Porsche painted in a unique green color. Thus, they created another color for their car with the standard never before. And their result is a Porsche car I feel special, not to be confused!

When a poor man sees a chance in front of him, he says there are many other people who are taking this opportunity and he has to compete with them. Most poor people do not try to find other ways to solve problems but always think of competition.

  1. Rich people like to enjoy, the poor or complain

The rich know that they have advantages but they do not take advantage of it for themselves. They realize that gifts or love can be created. They choose to enjoy everything that life brings.

Meanwhile, the poor always look at the problem on the negative side. They think that anything can be "wrong". So they complained more and blamed it than praised or enjoyed what life brought.


Your post is great, but I feel the poor are more affectionate than the rich!

I agree 50% of this opinion, life is always two sides :D

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