#1Life Story : Woodcutter and scholar

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A boat in the middle of the river, on which is a woodcutter and a scholar. Scholars offer to play the guessing game for sad. Who will lose the scholarship if the loser loses 10 $, and the woodcutter loses only 5 $ . The scholar wants to give up the woodcutter because he thinks he has more intellect.

First, the phisician queried:

"What weighs a thousand pounds in the river, but only 10 pounds ashore?"

The dudes thought that they could not find the answer, gave up and gave the woodcutter 10$. Then the scholar asked the answering machine.

"I do not know," said the woodcutter. Then give the scholar a $ 5 and say

"I still gain 5 dollars." Scholars pensive

Life lesson from a good story about this life:

In life, many people seem to be more intelligent, more intelligent people and less despised people, learn less than them. But sometimes, their self-confidence will make them fall into the situation "bad cry bad jokes." They do not know that "intelligent will hurt smart," who is too smart and sophisticated will often self-harm because too high. In the world, do not be afraid of smart people, be afraid of the fool who thinks smart. And be a humble person to be respected. The very short story about the woodcutter makes us think about the virtues