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I would say
B. and D. are on the same level and both the most important.

But If someone is good looking with a great personality but you don’t feel the vibes then it’s not for you either.

So I would say
C. is as much important

And A. the last!

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There is an old saying "When there is no money, love gets out Through the Window"

Really? I’ve never heard that. And actually I disagree. I don’t need money to love someone. If I enjoy to be around someone and have fun with them I don’t need the money.

Maybe you dont need it, but if you had kids with your lover then they will need it.
And with low money supply it could cause arguments betwen the two in the long run.

I know without money it could be hard but what I’m saying is money will not help you to like or love someone. My post is about what attracts people the most. If someone has money but is a bad person, nothing will help to like him.