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What are you addicted to?
Because I'm addicted to shopping. Yes, definitely shopping is my biggest addiction. fullsizeoutput_700.jpeg fullsizeoutput_701.jpeg fullsizeoutput_70b.jpeg
....but I'm not sure if I like shopping more than eating lol. Next I would say chocolate. fullsizeoutput_70c.jpeg
I just can't say no and stop myself. I can eat chocolate until I feel sick and want to throw up lmfao. I really think that chocolate is a strong drug. Next is my phone fullsizeoutput_70d.jpeg

and social media. Steemit, Busy IMG_0787.jpg IMG_0788.jpg

, Instagram IMG_0789.jpg
, Facebook IMG_0790.jpg
etc. I can be on my phone for hours (of course doing something in he meantime-( read)- watching kids). When I wake up the first thing I do is checking my phone SMH! I can even wake up in the middle of the night and check it. SMFH! I also spend a lot of my time in the bathroom fullsizeoutput_70f.jpeg
(taking a shower for an hour- but now with 2 kids that's only my dream lol).
I was addicted to working out like I could work out everyday (even if it's not really good for your muscles and body) and nothing could stop me. I ran when it was snowing, raining. At 11 pm no matter! fullsizeoutput_710.jpeg fullsizeoutput_711.jpegfullsizeoutput_712.jpeg

but I haven't worked out like I used to during pregnancy. But I will be back in my shape soon.


I just wanted to say this is some great content! Very enjoyable, very informative and great photos to top it all off . I think both make and female can relate to this lol Please keep up the great content , I really look forward to viewing future content from you! Have a wonderful day !

You deserve the best! I'm glad you take care of yourself!

Addiction. Everything you like and love, you are addicted to it in the most way. Yeah nowadays we cannot live without phone it has become oxygen in our life. Yeah mostly girls loves shopping. Good to hear your addiction.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts 💭

No problem . My pleasure

There are some addictions you mentioned similar to my addiction.
I am also addicted to eating chocolate, sports, and I am a person who is active in social media. Like facebook, intagram, and Steemit. @linakay

Great 👍🏽

I love breathing mostly, it’s not easy to get a decent amount of oxygen; my preferred methods are fasting, yoga, walking, riding and swimming.

Oh yes, breathing is definitely the most important thing! I have done yoga 🧘🏼‍♀️ like 8/9 yrs ago.

You sound a lot like myself when I was younger. I love shopping and I love Chocolate . Thankfully I grew out of that shopping phase. But, the chocolate is here to stay.. They say it's healthy for you.. so , I will stick to that Thanks for sharing

Haha I think I will never grow out of shopping and yes chocolate 🍫 is my friend and my enemies in one lol

I don't like shopping at all..specially when those brands make the clothes or electronics paying very little to workers in poor countries. Capitalism sucks

Yes, I agree that’s the sad part of shopping. And yet I don’t like when some brands make tests on animals. I always pick those cruelty free products and brands! And check parent companies.

Then you are doing smart shopping ;) well done then!

Thanks for share experience front us

So I was reading your addictions, and every one I was like, "Yep, that's my biggest too!" Then I'd get to another one lol. I could have written a post very similar to this. Now I want a chocolate bar too! :)

After I posted this one I ate my chocolate lol 😂

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I have many addictions and I believe that the first one is to eat, an addiction that I must take care of because I could end up obese, I also love to be in the nets, now much more with steemit, I like the shoes, I could buy a thousand of them and now that I am a mother I am addicted to buying shoes for my son, also ,and it happens just like you, I miss a long bath lol... excuse my english use translator

Haha yes, 👟 👠 are definitely my addiction. I buy high heels and never wear them lol

Hey nice picture, You look like @trevonjb girlfriend?

I hope you are addicted to shagging too