Knowledge Is Not Enough.

in #life4 years ago


We knew that bedwetting wasn't cool, but we just couldn't help our bladder to not shout like the bathroom shower in the night.

Knowledge wasn't enough.

We knew that taking from the meat in the pot will cause the family ration a lot of damage, but we couldn't help it.

In fact, we'll report ourselves to our parent when they come back, 'Mummy, I didn't open the pot of soup ooo'

Knowledge wasn't enough.

We know that education in our countries smells like milk forgotten in a freezer on the street without an electric transformer for the past 6 months.

Knowledge isn't enough.

We know that a professor ought to be intelligent and should be the leader of the fools and less intelligent people, but the reverse happens most of the time.

Knowledge isn't enough.

We know that it is possible to get rich, to impact lives and to break the poverty mindsets in our lineage in 1 generation, but no.

Knowledge isn't enough.

You know that you need to change your friends, your relationship, your work, your environment, your schedules, your diet and much more, but you don't.

Knowledge isn't enough.

You know that you shouldn't pay bribe and that it shouldn't be received, but you live in a system where bribes shorten 3 months to 3 hours.

Knowledge isn't enough.

You know there is a course, a webinar, a tool, a resource that you ought to pay for that will change your life in the next 3 months, but no, you will rather borrow to paint your rented apartment.

You know that after 12 months of transformation, you will even be able to build a house, not just paint a wall, but no, you can borrow more to buy party dress, to feel among.

Aaarghh, Knowledge isn't enough.

Limitless, What will be enough, then?


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