Millennials!!! [A generation of weakness or rising stars?]

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A generation that has been classified as narcissistic, accused of being entitled, and lazy. Is this true or are millennials being over analyzed? I find myself on neutral ground here. I would appreciate hearing everyones' opinion on this topic.

• I stumbled across a video of Simon Sinek's view on Millennials in the workforce. I find myself agreeing and disagreeing on some key points he makes. And in doing some research I found that there was actually a lot of controversy over his speech. Please watch and share your opinions with me!!!

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Great post !! Awesome job ! Glad to see you on steemit posting homie !

Thanks! They'll be more to come. :)

Can't wait it's an exciting time for sure ! Learning all the ins and outs first hand.Your gonna be moving right up !

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