Truckin in Oregon, Part 1: Weed for Truck

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We ended up purchasing not just one, but two trucks in our on the run adventures in Oregon.  Today I'll share the first part of our journey with our first truck, the negotiations and purchasing.  We were stranded in Oregon waiting on money from back east for dabs.  It finally came through in the form of bitcoin and John got to looking for a vehicle.  Ideally, we wanted to make it to (and over) the border with everything we had and our dog, which meant we needed a decent vehicle. 

We wanted something that could carry all of our stuff, be good on gas and be non-descript, we weren't interested in driving anything that stuck out.  Our plan was to buy a used car off of Craigslist with good license plates to drive south to the border and through Mexico.  We figured it didn't matter much after we got into Mexico, but we weren't interested in chancing it through California with bad license plates. 

John eventually found a little 80's silver Mazda B2000 pickup truck for sale or trade.  Often times in the state of Oregon, if you see a vehicle available for trade on Craiglist, much of the time that means you can trade weed for it.  We had been asking around about various vehicles looking for this sort of thing as we had a good amount of weed that we couldn't sell. We preferred to save the bitcoin for other things of at all possible. 

We contacted the guy about the truck and he was the first one interested in a trade for weed.  After some negotiations, he agreed to take a half pound of weed and 7 grams of dab for the truck.  He mentioned he was doing some work on the brakes, so we would have to wait a little to come do the trade.  Eventually, he gave us the go ahead and we arranged a ride through our neighbors to come get the truck. 

Stoked about the possibility of impending freedom, we headed out to a town I'll just call Tweakerdise, because that's what it was.  That's a term used to refer to a place that is paradise for a Tweaker, someone who is addicted to meth.  Oregon is known for a high population of meth users in general, but there are towns here and there that are referred to as "Tweakerdises". We navigated our way to his house which was in a neighborhood of trailers.  I can't say it was a trailer park specifically, but most of the houses in that area were trailers.  

We eventually found his place and the truck, which still had one tire off.  The guy came outside apologizing, saying he was just putting everything back.  John inspected the truck after agreeing to buy it, we went inside his trailer.  Inside there was a big pit bull and a little girl, who was reportedly his daughter.  We showed him our payment, which he accepted.  After paying him we sent off our ride, as we would now have our own way home and they needed to head to work.

We went back outside and John helped him reassemble the tire.  All put back together we got in the truck, which was quarky and headed home.  We were both really excited as it was our ticket out of that house.  We still had a few more weeks there to attempt to make money, which we eventually killed the truck doing.  

We returned to the property having successfully acquired the truck.  That night we ended up making our first real trip in the thing, 45 minutes away to the nearest city with Rebel Dog.  It was freezing because it was January and the passenger window didn't work and was permanently cracked, which made it a brutal experience to say the least. So bad that John bought Gorilla tape to tape the window once we got to the Walmart we were headed to. 

The truck honestly was giving us issues from the beginning, which was not a good omen for things to come.  We were depending on it to get us out of that house and in the end that's all it did. Our time with that truck was short but I appreciate the role it did play in my life, although I would have much rather have just bought a working truck right off. 

Until next time!

All content in this post, including photos are mine and original. The facts of the story are true to the best of my memory. 

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