Shit Anarchists Say...Again!

in life •  3 years ago  (edited)

Not long ago I posted an article titled "Shit Anarchists Say...Under the Influence" and it got good response.  The quotes were silly and funny but intelligent at their root.  Anarchists are especially funny because they generally have a good sense of reality, most of the time.  Since that article, I've had so many more points where someone said something I felt needed to be write down, and I'll share them below.  As long as Anarchists say funny things and you here on Steemit enjoy reading them, I'll keep sharing"

"This is a great place to wait to die"

"Bankers are wankers, buy bitcoin."

"Massive bull ca-ca kind of thing"

"This is bullocks"

"If you want something done, throw some Mexicans at it."

"So what you're saying that while I was trying to be polite but I've actually been a pussy."

"There's a point where you can get so healthy you ruin your life."

"What does it taste like?" "It doesn't taste like green tea..." "What's it taste like?" "Chicken"

"I've been on a bed of nails"

"I tried to take a puff on that thing but man"

"I did acid and smoked a lot of weed"

So there you have it, these are the sorts of things that left us in stitches.  Sure they've all got their backstories but they're funny enough to share without context.  So thanks for reading, everyone.  Until next time...

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Sounds rather like "Burning Man at the Beach" or something...

The league for correctness in swearing requests a clarification... Was it really 'bullocks' or was it 'bollocks'?


Not all of the 'shit anarchists say' were made under the influence.

In all fairness this isn't the article titled under the influence, and I didn't actually imply anarchists were under the influence (although many were) in this one other than by referencing the other article and a few drug related responses. :) I get what you mean though