John and Lily On the Run: Acapulco One Year Later Press for Truth Interview Released!

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 When we arrived in Acapulco last year, we had no money and a hell of a story but no one knew who we were.  We had had loose contact with Jeff Berwick to ensure our attendance to the conference, but really we went into it knowing no one with the intent to share our story.  We made the decision back in Detroit to eventually go public in an attempt to bring awareness to the situation, which many people face throughout the country on a daily basis.   We met Dan Dicks from Press for Truth and he jumped at the chance to help share our story and we made our first video titled “John and Lily On The Run”.   In many ways it was our introduction to the online world and we later shared it on one of our first Steemit posts for that reason.  It was extremely well done, my only issue with the video is the way I looked, having just fleed cross continent from marijuana crimes.   
 While many people really felt for us, a lot of them expected not to see us again.  They didn’t say that then, but they were all thinking it any many people shared this with us this year.   Our situation was pretty dire to say the least. We crash landed in Mexico with no money and no identification with a goal to make things happen.  Considering the state of the youth of today, it’s no wonder that those people expected the worst.  One of the most satisfying things about the conference was being there with a smile to say “I’m still here, and doing better.”  Just that brought tears to the eyes of many as they didn’t expect us to make it this far.
 We did another interview with Dan before he left, in many ways to say just that.  It was also to remind people that you don’t need much to leave, we’re living proof of that. We’re still here a day later and we’re actually much better off than we were.  Our video last year didn’t mean much in that regard because we had just landed and were just getting our bearings.  While we had arrived we hadn’t made it  in any real sense of the word.  There was still a battle to come: fighting for how to support ourselves here in Mexico.   Despite all odds, Mexico has been here for us. Our take home message at the end of the day is “Don’t wait until you’re on the run to go on the run.”  By that we mean if you’ve got a chance to go and a way to do it, take it.  The empire is crumbling and staying and fighting isn’t going to change your life or anyone else’s.    
 This interview was a lot of fun for both Dan and us, partially due to our much better location.  As an artist, Dan got to have a field day with this interview. The time lapse of the sunset was pre-planned and totally worth it, although earlier in the day we weren’t so sure it’d be as spectacular as what we needed. Both dogs loved the chance for a little camera time, Rebel Dog loves a man with a big camera as you can tell from both interviews.   For us, it was a way to show that we’re still here and that things are improving.  We wanted to show what could happen when you drop two very determined people in a freedom oriented area.  Things aren’t perfect but I’m not sure they ever will be.  I can’t say I’d trade for my old life in the states, even legal though.   
 We haven’t made it but we’re on our way.  I think it’s important to remind people that we haven’t made it.  We are still very low on funds, but we’re able to pay our baseline bills which matters.  We have our freedom which makes just about any other hardship worth it but things are not easy.  It’ll be a long time and a lot more money before I consider things easy.  Despite our lack of funds, we’re still moving foreward.  I know that reality would not be the same if things had even gone on our favor miraculously in the states, considering the trajectory of the nation.      
 Had we stayed in the states we would be in prison or on probation, actually moving backwards in the grand scheme of life.  Even if we managed to get off scott free, we’d probably still be in the states paying too much to attempt to live and build a life, something not really possible in the current economy.  So we weren’t interested in staying there long term anyway, the arrest was just our catalyst to get us going. So for that reason I’m glad it happened.  I learned a lot and had my suspicions of the system confirmed in just a few weeks of jail time and court proceedings.  My experiences in the on the run adventures killed all what if’s I had, realistically.  Everything from communism to the legitimacy of government was tested.  I found I’ve been on the right track but my lack of trust of that has caused me to face the problems I have. What’s right isn’t what’s easy and that’s important to remember.    
 There is always the chance that we could be apprehended regardless of if we were to have gone public, I’d honestly rather have people know me and my story than to go by unnoticed.  Again, we aren’t interested in pointing fingers, we just want to point out the true effect these policies have on real lives.  Yes, our lives are better in many ways but we still live with being on the run every day regardless of the nice view. I understand that the people who arrested me are people themselves, and they’re not the source of my anger.  I am angry with the system in which they function, something they cannot hope to control.  I just want to be clear with that.   
 Life’s about the calculated risks we take, sometimes they work out and sometimes they don’t.  For once, things seem to be working out although I cannot say for the future.  My goal is to enjoy it and live while it lasts with the hope it never ends.  I’m prepared to deal with it if it does but I’m definitely going to do everything in my power to prevent my loss of freedom.  From what I can tell so long as I don’t hurt anyone and continue to provide value here, I’ll have no problems.   
 So thanks Dan, for taking time to interview us and put this together.  And thanks for the awesome treats you brought for us, you’ve made a difference in our lives and we really appreciate it. Journalists like you remind us that there are good people behind cameras, which means a lot in this messed up world.    
 To everyone who follows us and supports us, thank you.   
 And to everyone that’s given to us or been our customer this past year, thank you, we wouldn’t still be here without you.    
 So here’s the video!

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Hey I saw your video on Press For Truth and thought it was great. Keep steeming on guys... On days like this in Canada, when it's snowing hard outside, Acapulco looks like a paradise on earth :)

Thanks! Do a dab and build a snowman for me, I miss snow!

If you're interested in telling your story on the Liberty Radio Network I think the host of the No State Project would be glad to give you some time. He also occasionally posts on Steemit - @marcstevens