Doing Dirty Time in the Dirty South (Prelude)

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Doing Dirty Time

John here to tell this one, as it happened before Lily was a part of my story when I was  19. This is the story of how I was sent to and did several months in prison without ever being convicted of a crime in the Southern United States. The charge was manufacture of a controlled dangerous substance, which is a really scary way of saying I was growing some cannabis(pot) plants.  Over the next few installments I intend to explain how it all unfolded and what it was like to go through the whole process.Everything from the thoughts of running for the border to breaking down when everything went south at the last minute and it became more of a likely hood that I was going to get prison time.

From my understanding my case is a rare one as no one I have talked to about it has ever heard of anything like it and most believe it to be illegal. Most people don't think stuff like this happens in the United States, and even for me this was a big event in my process of becoming a anarchist. I was arrested in the fall and the next spring ended up being processed into the prison system. Then I was released midsummer with my case being dismissed with cost; let that soak in for a minute, my case was dismissed meaning I was never convicted. I have never been convicted of a crime. There are no convictions on my criminal record only the two cannabis arrest and now the warrant for breaking bail conditions.  Yet I have served months in prison and was treated as if I was a convicted felon for several months.

This whole process taught me a lot about how the world really works compared to what we are told in school. I was shocked at how similar prison was to school, and that the control system was almost exactly the same. It taught me more about how to be a criminal then I would of ever thought possible. It showed me the justice/prison system is a control mechanism and isn't about justice or truth. I have managed to learn from this to a point that I am almost thankful it happened because it showed me early on how corrupt the system was.  I look forward to sharing more of this difficult ordeal in my life for the first time in any published format here on Steemit. 

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Bravo! excellent post, very nice words that used congratulations

Nice to hear from you! More John please!

What an eye-opener the experience must have been for you. I'm so sorry you had to go through it. Many people I know have had similar experiences and it's a crying shame.

Can you email me and exact copy of this story? I have something to share with you @lily-da-vine.