Border or Bust, Part 3: Getting Rid of the Old for the Yellow Submarine

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We left off last waking up drenched on a rainy Oregon morning in late January of last year.  I had spent 10 hours the previous day walking the shopping plazas of Grants Pass, asking for money. I made only 35 dollars which was discouraging at best.  We managed to find a kind hearted Taco Bell employee who gave us a place to park our truck for the night, where we woke up the next morning wet from rain.  

We got up, got dabbed and ate and headed back to town.  The truck was able to make short jumps, less than 5 miles at slow speeds.  It made a helluva lot of noise doing so, but it made it.  So we headed back to town and parked where we did the day before and I got started.  I had even less luck than the first day, by several hours in I only made like 5 dollars.  We were pretty worried so John had me go spend 35 of it on a cheap cell phone that he could use to call for help.  He had someone that would help him if he severely needed it and he needed it. 

We got the phone and he got to contacting while I went out walking and spanging again.  I returned to him searching Craigslist for vehicles, telling me his help had agreed to send us the money to get us a truck, or help get ours fixed.  We spent some time looking and Tammy, super excited for us, offered to do whatever she could to help.

We saw the listing for our truck and were stoked until we saw the color, which was yellow.  Talk about conspicuous, right? But it had a lot of work done recently, including new clutch and brakes.  It sounded like it was just the ticket to get us where we needed to go, so we called the number. 

We got a kid that's young but married, off starting his new life elsewhere.  He explained the truck was with his Dad in Grants Pass and gave us the contact information.  We contacted him, told him we wanted it and set up a time for that evening to go look at it.  We decided to take our truck to a local junkyard in the hopes of getting something out of it, as we didn't technically have enough to get the truck. 

We acquired the money sent to us from our helper and traveled to a local junk yard we knew of, oddly enough the same place we had recently bought a part for the truck from.  They quoted us 80 dollars for the thing, partially because they knew it was fucked and they knew we were desperate.  

We left to Tammy's intially not wanting to do it, for such a low price.  We ended up leaving our things at Tammy's and heading back there as we honestly needed to get rid of the damn thing, already.  So we bit the bullet and sold the truck for 80 bucks, left to walk back to her house to wait for her.  She was aware this was going on.  She was planning on taking us to get the truck in the evening, once she was off work. She barely knew us but she did us so many important favors in that short time.  I attribute much of our success getting to the border to her help, honestly. 

Rebel was freaking out the whole time, especially when we had to walk away leaving our truck behind.  He didn't understand what was going on in the slightest.  We moved into the truck the day before and the day after we were leaving it behind, none of it made sense.  We were also extremely stressed out, which didn't help.  

I'll end here because getting the truck was...crazy at best.  It was another close call that ended well for us, so it just makes a crazy story at this point.  More on that later though, thanks for reading!

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