Attack of The Spiders(Or Scorpians?): Rebel's Allergic Reaction

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Ladies and Gentleman, Rebel dog is sick again...sort of.  This time it appears that he got himself bit repeatedly by some tropical spider that he is pretty allergic to. Or possibly even a scorpian.  

It all started when he spent all night itchy, almost a week ago at this point.  We assumed he needed a bath but the next morning, he was pretty clearly covered in small bumps that raised his fur up and made him look pretty dingy.  

Those bumps developed into these lumps, which covered his body in huge welts. He was extremely itchy and extremely unhappy.  By this point, we were convinced the scoby I was feeding him was to blame. It was the only new thing and there were no visible bites.

He was running around squirming and whining and itching, until we gave him some cannabis oil.  I went down, got some benedryl and we dosed him with some. He stayed at the same itchy state for about a day. It was sad to see, he'd wake up at night whining and itchy until we dabbed him to sleep. 

Then we woke up the next morning and after an hour of being awake, we found him like this, wheezing and having a hard time breathing. The benedryl had worn off; Rebel needed a vet.

These shots are in the car on the way to the vet, which we didn't actually end up going to.  Really nothing is open on Sundays, not even a vet.  Our usual trusted guy was out of town, so we decided to get more benedryl and take him home.

We found that we were dosing him wrong, under dosing him to be exact.  He started to look himself again when he got a proper dose in him.  As he de-swelled, we noticed that he seemed to have hard lumps with puss coming out on and around his head.  Upon googling it, it was clear he was having a severe reaction to spider bites, or something with similar venom. 

Here's a shot of the bite with the dried pus in the fur, to show where one of the more severe bites was. 

He was mostly unswollen but definately drugged.  I spent much of my early childhood on this medication, so it was definately a weird sight seeing my dog drugged on the same thing I was

Even with cannabis oil and anti-histimines, he's still itchy.  I caught some funny photos of him trying to catch an itch on his but, while trying to act like he wasn't for the camera.

It seems like he's steadly improving, so far so good.  We aren't sure exactly what got him but it was likely a spider or a scorpian, which have been in the house a lot lately. It seems Bane got his own spider bite, but he appears to have just sustained one big swollen lump at the sight and that was it.  With Rebel, we didn't know it was something like that until we got him on enough anti-histimines and his body started to detox.

So there you have it, watch out for crazy spiders down here, your dog might just have a bad reaction to it.  It seems that Rebel is a bit more sensitive to well...everything despite his mixed breed nature, much to our surprise.  Pure bred (maybe) little Brother Bane seems to be handling his bite just fine.

Anyway, thanks for reading and supporting, until next time!

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Where spiders?

I'm in Acapulco, the spiders in my house I'm assuming. I have no idea which spiders, if it even was one did it. But I do know he had a bad allergic reaction


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So spiders or a scorpion do you think ?

I guess spiders but scorpians have been around a lot lately so I'm unsure.

Hoping your puppy starts killing spiders! Stay well!

Pretty sure that's how he got the bite, he likes to smash them with his face