Waiting for the dreaded phone call.

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I've been waiting for that dreaded phone call. This morning I got a phone call while I was asleep. I was too tired to answer it so let the answering machine pick it up, if it was important they would leave a message and they did. I got up to check it and it was from the hospital asking me to call them back. My first thought was my daughter, is she ok ? then switched to my dad who is old and frail, then my mum who is on her own and has had a few falls lately. Wondering who it could be I rang them back and found out it was my daughter. She is in a violent relationship but won't leave him and numerous times he has put her in hospital and it's only a matter of time that he will kill her either from his uncontrollable anger or accidentally. Without knowing what had happened to her , I rushed up to see her. She was asleep from the medication they had given her, and my oldest granddaughter sitting next to her bed. My granddaughter had been bitten by a police dog with her leg bandaged and told me the full story with tears running down her face. My granddaughter was with her mum when it happened. My daughters boyfriend had one of his violent outbursts and had tried to stab her. She must've put her hand up in defense and he stabbed her right hand then proceeded to drag her down towards a river where he was saying he was going to cut her throat. Luckily a friend had called the police before he dragged her away and they came real fast and found him so he ran back to house and so did my daughter and granddaughter who sat on the steps outside the house but unfortunately the police let a dog off and it ran up and bit my granddaughter on the leg. They apprehended the boyfriend and locked him up. I guess she is lucky to be alive with only a few stab wounds, one in the right hand, one in the left wrist which severed a tendon and a nick on her ear. Luckily this wasn't the dreaded phone call I have been waiting for as she is going to be ok. I already have custody of her 2 oldest children from previous bad relationships she has had, she has 2 more younger children aged 8 and 4 who I now have to look after till she has her operation and hope cyps dont decide to take the 2 younger ones from her as well. She doesn't realise how much stress and worry she puts me through, I love her dearly but wish she could see what she is doing to her children and me , her mother. I can only hope one day she will change her life for the better. This is just 1 day of many, it never ends.![Eru Tearoha Ngawai.jpg] Photo is my daughter and her 2 youngest children.()
For anyone not sure on what I mean by waiting for the dreaded phone call, its waiting for the phone call to say my daughter is dead.

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happpy new year

Wow ! very nice post .
Happy new year @lilithil


Thank you and happy new year to you too.

My warm kisses for kids


Thank you , I hold my grand children tight , they keep me alive.

Good luck.


Thank you

I cant wait for you to find success here on steem!


Oh i hope so too I have so much to say just need to find the courage to let people i dont know see it, but I know it will help heal me .

Yes, powerful


Happy new year.

welcome to steemit @lilithil, best regards..
hopefully you feel at home here. 😊


Thank you , this stuff is all new to me but I hope to beable to contribute in my spare time.

Hey! Welcome to steemit!

I actually just joined yesterday, lets follow each-other and support each-other through this new venture!

Happy New Year!


Thank you.

It is really an amazing post.... and yeah Happy New Year


Thank you , I will be posting more about my life in the future .

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Thanks , happy new year.

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Warm regards to the kids
I pray everything to be fine for you and your family
Happy new year


Thank you and happy new year to you too.