Free from you

in #life3 years ago

Since childhood I had seen it, but I did not imagine that you would be part of my life. As a teenager to be accepted, I accepted you. At the time it was from time to time, at school parties. Then things got bigger, I even fought with my father because of you, because I thought I needed you at all times.
You accompanied me at parties, barbecues, PMS, joy and sadness, when you were angry you seemed to calm me or maybe it was just my crutch.
How many times I woke up from you hangover, but at the end of the day I could not resist. How many times I'm out of breath because of you.
It seemed that without you it was missing, that I was incomplete. In addition to the addiction to you, the two of us were so accustomed to both years together. As much as I knew you were doing me wrong, I did not dare leave you until yesterday.



Today I woke up and I stopped being a coward, I decided once and for all to get you out of my life, I know it will not be easy, but it's harder to live with you.

Goodbye cigarette!

Happy to be determined! 😀


I am attempting this very thing. It is SO hard. Good luck to you!!! You can do this!

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