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A few months ago, I was asleep when the home phone rang, bewildered I went downstairs to answer it, they were a call charge. I waited to complete the call, and they said, "I was mugged," I thought of my sister and said, "Kelly, where are you?" In the sequence a man said that she was well, but that she had been kidnapped. I was terrified, I had never felt anything like this. He told me he wanted the sum of 50,000. I told him that he was poor and did not have that value, so he started to reduce the value.
I was able to climb the stairs, with my cell phone in my hand, I went to my mother's room trying to write what was happening and managed to read it, too. I had no reaction, calling him quiet, and he saying that I was trying to buy time to call the police.
My sister woke up with the noise, noticing what was happening, took the phone out of my hand, and asked if he had nothing to do and hung up the phone. Not satisfied called again, unsuccessfully hung up.
It had happened before and we always did. Since I was sleepy, I did not realize that she was not my sister, let alone a man as a woman.
I was very sick that day. Although it was not true, the feeling was very bad.


I've always wondered, how people fall on these scams until it happens to me. The corruption is so great that even within the chains they continue to coerce the population.

They are smart people because they are always innovating. Too bad they use this intelligence for evil, imagine if they used it for good!

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