In the middle of.... Europe. 🌍Lithuanian summer in my twin sister's terrace 🌾

in life •  9 months ago

It's time for me to rest ⛱

I had two wonderful days with my twin sister @iveta. We cooked, talked, read books, watched the sunset and just enjoyed each other company. It's time what we like the best - just be together and do nothing...

Only last week she brought new furniture in terrace, so it was our first evening there.

A great place to spend a weekend. 🥂

Healthy Grilled Vegetable Recipe that we cooked: 🥑🥦


Cook everything in the oven for 15-20 minutes.

I believe that everything that matters most in our lives is a relationship with somebody. With you, other people, the universe. Through relationships we are perfect.

Our relationship is the most important thing in the world. Relationships are the main factor of happiness and becomes our cause for life.

So spent your time with your sister, brothers, children, parents, husband, wive, even your dog! :)

This is our recipe for relaxation.

In Lithuania now is a season of strawberries and peas:

Greetings from sisters!


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Nice work .. looks really amazing, good for you
Great pictures from you
Thanks for sharing..

love ths sunshine

Truly having good relationship with people is good because man is created by God to live in harmony with other people.Again i really commend the beautiful arrangement of the pictures the are wonderful

Yes, it is true, our relationship with our progimo, our environment and especially with God is fundamental, we were created with this need because we are sociable beings, and the quality in our human relationships counts, so we must share and in fact now we are doing. Thanks

Yes, I agree with you. Man is the best creature of God. So we have to live in peace with love. Thanks for sharing.

I believe you had a great time out there .

No wonder the view from the place does sure seems to be great(I am seeing on one side view in the image )

The food does looks healthy and delicious as well !

Food from the spirit of nature is something I really like and really like
Maybe you share the recipe
To do the same

Beautiful pictures and positive vibes! What camera do you use?


Huawei P9 phone ;)))

New follower here, you have awesome content!
If you have time check me out

So, you mean there is another like you??

Muy bello todo.

que divinas se ven restauradas y renovadas luego de esos dias de descanso les recomiendo de mi pais venezuela un lugar bointo para turismo la Isla de Margarita es espectacular

How beautiful the united sisters.

I love your healthy food, it's good to share with the brothers.

@ligit Wow...!! It seems that you have enjoyed a lot. Where is this place located ?



So relaxing, I love the food!

Now I miss my sister :(
Great blog @ligit

Wowww perfect place and food for a perfect weekend!

i agree lovely post and healthy food i love it,

Nice picture with your sister
you live a life in very beautiful place of nature.
Enjoy your life.

download (4).jpg

I absolutely agree, this is such a lovely post and very inspiring! :)

NIce food photography. Your relationship is good for perfect people. Thanks @ligit


Thanks for sharing your journey ! I do not know Kristin Hannah, is it a good author and why? I like spiritual books :)