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Woman Power

Spread around the magnificent, both external and internal. In all, harmony is the most important thing. Today women are scared to be bright, scared to express themselves, choose gray clothes.

Become a woman. Learn to love yourself, start to appreciate life, because you don't come here to become angry. Where is the flame of passion? Where's the heat of the fire?
Where is the respect for the man? Where is wisdom? Where is beauty, tenderness, lightness and joy? Where are YOU?



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You are so beautiful @ligit! Everyone should respect a girl or a woman for their work whatever she done for her own family members and humanity. 💙💙💙

Love, light and peace 💖🌟

Looking very nice! :) I always enjoy red on women. Some day I will dance with a girl wearing red to the song "Lady in Red" lol


If you keep waiting - one day you will :)


hahaha yes you are right, and oh what a night that will be. haha :)

Wow! It seems like you travel really a lot. Like your pictures. You capture beautiful moments!


Thanks @bontive

Nice inspirational words, @ligit! ❤😊👍


Ačiū Žaneta


Nėr už ką, @ligit! 😉😄

Those are some beautiful photos ligit.. makes me want to go to the beach now

You are so beautiful with this red dress

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Every experience in our life matters and holds significance in our life !

That is indeed the Spirit:)

Keep flourishing your love as a women and keep on going :)

wow!! The place and you two adjust looks like beautiful!

looking good. beautiful click
thanks for sharing

wow looking so beauty full and your thinking awesome and great discription dear. welldone

all your pictures are so beautiful... @ligit

Amazing photography on mirror

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