✳ Coffee & Coziness

in life •  6 months ago

Sometimes I get inspired to play with compositions, lights, bulbs and filters.
That's what I got after one of those: ☕🌟


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We must to have a coffee together ome day

That looks like a delicious cup of coffee. Enjoy!

That looks very nice !!!!

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Wow....soooo lovely coffee ☕ i love coffee ☕

gosh this is torture! I want some of that coffee so so much! it looks delicious...

I would add some slight vignette but even without looks nice.

I need a big cup of coffee, RIGHT NOW!!!

Hey Ligit, pretty rich and interesting composition you have there :) Can't wait to see what new you will create, added to following ;) Are those done using Phone or other Camera?

I think I have that coffee and I travel to Narnia :D
Excellent photo, it look like Petter Pan.