Fuzzy Caterpillar Photos

in life •  4 months ago

I was out gathering leaves for an Eco-dying project the other day when I found this really nice looking maple tree leaf in the woods. I picked it up and was about to put it in my bag when I noticed this fuzzy caterpillar on it. I really like the color pattern on the caterpillar and the four black dots along its back.

A close-up of the caterpillar September 9, 2018 – click for viewing full screen

Side view of caterpillar on maple leaf – click for viewing full screen

Caterpillar on the maple leaf, color enhanced by Google Photos – click for viewing full screen

Looking at the caterpillar back, or is it the front? – click for viewing full screen

I liked the maple leaf too, but having found something eating it, I couldn't take it with me. I just put it back where I found it.

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S9+.

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What a sweet find! He reminds me of an overstuffed bumblebee LOL!

Wow, beautiful caterpillar and unique.

This very unique hairy caterpillar with a color pattern on its body and feathers and four black dots along its back, I like this. But besides that! Is it dangerous for this caterpillar to be touched by our hands or skin? (Will our skin be itchy if it comes into contact with this hairy caterpillar, @lightsplasher friend?)

hi, how are you doing? very beautiful photography i like it very much, i really don't want to deal with caterpillars, what else is a hairy caterpillar that is very itchy, but even though i am afraid of caterpillars, but i like caterpillars that friends show because this caterpillar has never been I see, there aren't even caterpillars like this in my area.

@lightsplasher, That was excellently taken photography of Caterpillar. Various macros increase post's beauty. Nice mix up with background.

Wow, absolutely amazing photograph of Fuzzy Caterpillar.
I really like this picture.

How to take a picture of a very good caterpillar @lightsplasher, the color of the caterpillar and the fur is very beautiful ,, but there is one thing that is terrible about the caterpillar that is in my opinion the caterpillar is very itchy if the coat of the fur, a very good post and useful information ,, thank @lightsplasher has shared ...

Nature's beauties!

Wow....good photography friend

the woe is very beautiful, the caterpillar, I really like the caterpillar because the color is good and there are black dots on the stomach.

Very nice view. Nice photography. Dear i am new on steemit. Please visit me. I just start work from today

Very beautiful caterpillar, i likes @lightsplasher.

Wonder what will he turn into when he gets older?

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Photography was gorgeous ,,, very good picture I really like the caterpillar image @lightsplasher

Very beautiful photography, my friend really likes it, this caterpillar does look very unique to friends, whether this caterpillar is one of the itchy caterpillars when it is exposed to its fur.

Very nice photography...smartphone photography is really tough. U are boss in that.
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